Miguel Cotto vs Yoshihiro Kamegai

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Miguel Cotto vs Yoshihiro Kamegai
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Saturday, August 26, 2017
StubHub Center, Carson, California, USA
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WBO Light Middleweight World Title


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This is an interesting one.

Miguel Cotto is a legend in boxing, he has been in great fights, he has certainly had his ups and downs in his career, but he has had a great career, and has already sealed his legacy. Miguel Cotto was devastated in defeat to Saul Alvarez, I believe Cotto, in victories over Sergio Martinez and Daniel Geale, under the guidence of world renowned trainer Freddie Roach, was the best Cotto we've ever seen, and he looked fantastic against Alvarez, who is one of the best out there, a star in boxing without question, but he lost, and that was in 2015, inactivity is never a good thing, and Cotto does not have bags of time. I believe the 21 month layoff, especially on the wrong side of 35, having had the rollarcoaster career he has had, we won't see the same Cotto we saw dismantle Sergio Martinez, I could be wrong, but I believe we will see a declined Miguel Cotto.

Yoshihiro Kamegai is not a big name, on paper, it is easy to see why he is the underdog, having lost a few fights, but Kamegai is a fighter who can shock people with his performance when he shows up to fight, against Guerrero, I thought he won 4 rounds, that was a great fight, he is a proud fighter, and a fighter who rises to the occasion, he certainly did that in the Soto Karass rematch, he won big, that may have been partly down to Karass not being at his best, but it was still a great win for Kamegai. Kamegai might not be the most defensively strong fighter, or the best technical fighter around, but he is absolutely relentless, strong, teak tough, powerful.

I think Miguel Cotto will do what is expected of him and win this fight, but I think it will be tough, I think Cotto will do enough to win most of the rounds with a clear difference in skill, I think will have no trouble landing punches on Kamegai, who will know he'll have to take punches to land them, but I think Kamegai will have some good spells in some rounds, and make them close, entertaining, push Cotto back, give the Puerto Rican legend a hard time, but I think after 12 action packed rounds, Cotto will claim a wide unanimous decision (118-110, 118-110, 117-111) and become a world champion again.

This is a massive opportunity for Kamegai, if he wins, then I will be shocked, it will be a massive upset, and great for Japanese boxing, they are very proud, disciplined folks over there, and they would be very proud of their man if he was to not only fight a former super champion but beat him as well, claiming a world title belt in the process.

Assuming this fight goes the way I think it will, I don't think Miguel Cotto has the beating of any of the other champions, especially if Hurd (who might be the weak link if there is one although that may not do him justice) beats Austin Trout which he may or may not, I'm not sure what big fights there are out there for him which he wins, I can see Liam Smith (assuming he gets the convincing win over Williams which I think he will) wanting the Cotto fight, a I think that is a fantastic potential fight which makes great sense for both.