Marco Antonio Rubio vs David Lemieux

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Marco Antonio Rubio vs David Lemieux
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Friday, April 8, 2011
Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Eliminator for the WBC Middleweight World Title
Marlon Wright


David Lemieux 25-0 (24 KOs) vs. Marco Antonio Rubio 49-5-1 (42 KOs)
Lemieux entered as the # 11 middleweight in the world according to The Ring Magazine. Rubio, an 8/1 betting underdog [1], was unranked by the same publication.
For Rubio, it was his first bout in Canada and the first time he had fought outside his native Mexico since his 2009 loss to then-World Champion Kelly Pavlik. For Lemieux, it was his third consecutive bout to be held at Bell Centre: Montreal and his seventh overall bout to be held at the venue.

Lemieux entered to a standing ovation from his home crowd. Midway through the opening round a right hand caught Rubio as he was backing into the corner. At this Lemieux opened up and began throwing a barrage of power punches. Rubio was able to block much of the assault despite a few slipping past his guard. In Round 2, Rubio moved around and worked behind the jab. Lemieux continued to come forward and likely won the round finding success with a couple of power shots upstairs. In the 3rd, Rubio arguably won the round as he continued to work the jab, moved and countered some of Lemieux's power punching. In the 4th, Lemieux was able to get within range and threw power shots predominately to the head of Rubio. To his credit, Rubio continued to show sound defense and at least partially blocked most of Lemieux's attack. In Round 5, Rubio turned up his aggression early with minimal success, but was deterred midway through the round as Rubio threw big combinations that occasionally rocked the head of the covered Rubio. In the 6th, Rubio landed a pair of solid jabs that timed Lemieux nicely and hurt him with three overhand rights. By the end of the round, Lemieux was against the ropes and on the defensive. During the round, Lemieux had developed noticeable swelling to his right cheek and was bleeding from the nose. In the 7th, Rubio came out patiently looking for opportunities and landed an overhand right hand behind the ear that sent Lemieux falling into the ropes and down into the corner. He was able to make it to his feet and received the mandatory eight-count. Following the knockdown, Rubio pressed his opponent back into the ropes and threw a barrage against a wholly defensive and evading Lemieux. With some of the punches landing and Lemieux failing to retaliate, his corner came up to the ring apron and waved an end to the bout.

"Even if he would have recovered, I didn't want Rubio teeing off on him." - Russ Anber, Lemieux's trainer, about stopping the fight.

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