Manuel Charr vs Trevor Bryan

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Manuel Charr vs Trevor Bryan
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Friday, January 29, 2021
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Champion97's picture


I think Bryan is underrated, he has good fundamentals, good technique, uses upper body movement to evade shots, he's untested in a lot of ways, but he's young, he's been inactive, but Charr has been even more inactive, Charr is more experienced, but I think the timing still favours Bryan, I think he'll out work Charr for most of the fight, I don't think he's offensively good enough to stop him, but I think he wins a wide UD.

Chris M95's picture

is this fight still happening ?

Metalhead123's picture

I'll believe it when I see it lol. When was the last time a fight involving King didn't fall through?

Champion97's picture

Hard question to answer, another hard question to answer is who hasn't had a legal battle with King?

Metalhead123's picture

Hmmmmmmm. Carl King????????

Champion97's picture

I owe Mr King an apology, he's never had a legal battle with his own stepson, credit to him.