Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn

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Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn
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Sunday, July 2, 2017
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland
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WBO World Welterweight Title


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rorschach's picture

Do we have any native Australians here at EOTR? If so could you tell us what the excitement level for this fight is over there? I've read over 50,000 tickets have been sold so far.

Champion97's picture

Prediction (unfinished),

I think this is a good match up, not great, but good, and as an Australian event, it is massive.

This is something new for Manny Pacquiao, outside of Asia, outside of America, he is travelling a long way to face an unbeaten opponent.

This is a great opportunity for Jeff Horn, in his home country, it will be his night, his chance to impress on the big stage, fighting a 'boxing legend', one of the best of his era, and it will be interesting to see how he deals with the pressure.

Champion97's picture

Are you Australian?

Nope. Born in & living in New York. Never been outside the US.

Champion97's picture

That's awesome, I'm British, but I love the US, well, I've never been, but it looks awesome, and I would love to live there one day, I know 0 people who don't think New York City is great, and I've heard the rest of the state is great too.

I'm sorry you're fights are so long, they are next yo be uploaded, I promise, and they won't be much longer!