Mando Ramos vs Frankie Crawford II

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Mando Ramos vs Frankie Crawford II
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Thursday, February 1, 1968
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Joey Olmos

Official Judging
Joey Olmos 8 - 1
Lee Grossman 10 - 1
Richard Young 10 - 1


"Giving the best performance of his teen-age life, Mando Ramos fought a near-perfect fight Thursday night to avenge a defeat handed him by Irish Frankie Crawford last October. The lithe Long Beach lightweight finished as he started to capture a unanimous decision. The plucky Crawford, at 127 lbs., spotted Ramos 5 1/2 lbs., but it was not so much the pull in weights as it was superior skills that brought Ramos his 20th victory in 22 bouts. Ramos was the boss from bell to bell. Besides jabbing Crawford almost at will, he scored repeatedly with a sucker right overhand lead that rocked Frankie, yet never quite decked him." -The L.A. Times

Unofficial scorecards

The L.A. Times - 9-0 RamosThe Long Beach Press-Telegram - 8-2 RamosThe Pasadena Star-News - 8-3 Ramos

Attendance - 9,947Gate - $59,350Purses - Crawford - $14,839, Ramos - $17,807

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"Last time we fought my jab was missing the target. Then I didn't listen to my manager. I thought I could knock him out with one punch." -Mando Ramos"Outside of feeling embarrassed, I feel pretty good. Mando fought a smart fight. He kept his left in my face all night." -Frankie Crawford

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