Malik Hawkins vs Keith Hunter

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Malik Hawkins vs Keith Hunter
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Friday, February 28, 2020
Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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These are both big light welterweights, both have fought at light middleweight, and are 6'0. These fighters are well matched, Hawkins is the favourite because he has had more fights, but more so because he has the best win, and that was against Darwin Price last month.

Hawkins beat Price, but he was behind, and more importantly, Price hurt his knee bad, Hawkins seemed to be coming on, but not taking over, and it was clearly the knee injury that stopped the fight, and nothing Hawkins did, so the win doesn't give him as much credibility as it does on paper.

Hawkins and Hunter have very different styles. Hawkins is a come forward fighter, a pocket fighter, is slow in and foot, starts slowly, but he knows how to cut off the ring. Hunter is a back foot boxer, has a solid jab, I don't think he's a good overall offensive fighter, but he has a good right uppercut.

Hawkins will try to break Hunter down, Hunter will try to keep Hawkins on the end of the jab,