Mairis Briedis vs Krzysztof Glowacki

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Mairis Briedis vs Krzysztof Glowacki
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Thursday, November 28, 2019
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World Boxing Super Series, semi-finals


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Champion97's picture


In my opinion, this should be Gevor vs Glowacki, I think Gevor got robbed against Briedis, Briedis was terrible.

I wonder if Briedis is still the favourite to win the tournament after that stinker against Gevor, it is hard to believe he went from giving Usyk all he could handle to not being old, only having one loss, being fairly fresh, and still getting out worked, out boxed by Gevor, seemingly by a wide margin.

Glowacki did well against Vlasov, won by a landslide, couldn't finish Vlasov, but Vlasov is tough, hasn't been stopped before, I think a prime Glowacki would have stopped him, but not early. I think Glowacki has a good couple of years left, is past his best, but not fat past his best.

I think Briedis had an off night against Gevor, he can do a lot better than he did in that fight, he still only has the one official loss going into this fight, and winning 5 rounds against Usyk, losing an MD, might not be a win, but you have to be impressed by that, he won more rounds against Usyk than Glowacki did, that's for sure. Briedis has a better chin than Glowacki.

I think Glowacki hits a fair bit harder than Briedis, based on the quarterfinals, Glowacki has more hunger and desire at this stage.

It is a tough one to predict, but I think Glowacki might edge this one, I think Briedis will be better than he was against Gevor, but Glowacki is a lot better than Gevor. I think this will be a good fight, Briedis will be tough, but Glowacki will stop him late.

Gold's picture

I wouldn't be surprised if this was for the vacant WBC title with Usyk almost certainly dropping his titles before this fight. Breidis is the #1 ranked Cruiserweight/"Diamond Champion" with the WBC and Glowacki was the #4 ranked before beating the #2 ranked Vlasov so it's a logical fight for them to sanction.