Magomed Kurbanov vs Diego Chaves

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Magomed Kurbanov vs Diego Chaves
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Saturday, November 2, 2019
RCC Boxing Academy, Ekaterinburg, Russia
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Yury Koptsev

Official Judging
Yury Koptsev 115 - 113
Matteo Montella 116 - 111
Dmitry Boldyrev 117 - 110


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Champion97's picture


Kurbanov is 17-0, but I don't rate him at world level at all, he lost rounds to and got dropped by Steven Horvath, I think a 2014 Chaves would beat him, but Chaves is shot.

Chaves wasn't bad in his prime, was in good fights against Rios, Thurman, Bradley, but he was out for about 18 months after the Bradley fight, got 3 wins, but stepped down in levels, and he lost twice in a row, against James and Mbenge, stopped both times, he has fought once since the Mbenge defeat, a rematch against an opponent he'd already knocked out early, and he comes off a year out.

Most of Chaves's title fights have been at 147, he is not tall at 147, and Kurbaov has fought at middleweight in his last few fights, all his title fights have been at 154, so he is probably the bigger fighter, has the size advantage.

I think Kurbanov stops Chaves late.