Lucas Matthysse vs Tewa Kiram

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Lucas Matthysse vs Tewa Kiram
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Saturday, January 27, 2018
The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA
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WBA (regular) Welterweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


Looking forward to this fight. I think Kiram will be written off against Matthysse, but that shouldn't be the case, he's 25, 38-0, he hasn't faced anyone with nearly the name of Lucas Matthysse in his career, this really is a step up in class, but he has defended an Asian title (PABA) many times, this title, he won in 2012, he defended the belt 24 times, he hasn't fought an unbeaten opponent since 2010, Kiram, which doesn't look good for his previous opposition, he hasn't fought anyone outside of his home continent I don't think, no big names, but to be fair, he hasn't fought an opponent with a losing record, since 2013, so he isn't a bum beater.

Matthysse's the favourite, and so he should be, he has a lot more experience than Kiram, he's been at world level many times, his only losses came against Devon Alexander, Zab Judah, Danny Garcia, Viktor Postol, and Matthysse, with wins over Lamont Peterson, Ruslan Provodnikov, Ajose Olusegun. Matthysse's won 35 of the 38 fights he has won, by knockout, Danny Garcia maintains to this day, that Matthysse was the hardest hitter he ever faced, Matthysse's power is frightening, he has the ability to knock anybody out, you can't afford to make mistakes against him, as Lamont Peterson learned, the hard way. If Matthysse, experience, pedigree aside, lands clean on Kiram's chin, lands flush, he could go to sleep, I think he probably will, his punch resistance, durability will certainly be tested.

I think Kiram will win this one, upset Lucas Matthysse, one mistake, and that could be it, game over, but I think Kiram will box out of his skin, aim not to put a foot wrong, in a fight like this, against a name like Matthysse, he'll surely want to make a statement. I think Kiram is getting Matthysse at the right time, he has 10 years on him, there really is no substitute for youth, that could be a big factor in this fight. Matthysse is 35 now, he's been through the mill in his career, he's also fought once in the last 2 years. Matthysse, in a dogfight, is an animal, but at distance, in a tentative fight, he's very beatable, he's not a defensive genius, he has issues with his eyes, and he's readable, he doesn't take the force off punches coming his way, and having taken some beatings in his career, on the edge if being stopped against Provodnikov, his punch resistance may not be what it used to be. Kiram has had 7 fights in the time it has taken Matthysse to have 1, so he's been the far busier fighter, so there are reasons to believe he'll win this one, on the other hand, against who?, sometimes, it is about levels, and with Matthysse having competed at a high level for so long, being such a puncher, it isn't hard to see why he is expected to win this one.