Kid Gavilan vs Gil Turner

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Kid Gavilan vs Gil Turner
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Monday, July 7, 1952
Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Titles at Stake: 
The Welterweight World Championship
Pete Tomasco


Weights: Gavilan 146, Turner 144½
Fight stopped with Turner helpless on the ropes
Scoring in rounds at the time of stoppage: 5-5 (twice), 6-4 for Gavilan
Attendance: more than 39,000; Gate: $269,667 ( a new record for a welterweight title fight)

"Kid Gavilan stood off the buzzsaw attacks of 21 year old Gil Turner Monday night to stage a blazing rally that left his youthful challenger helpless on the ropes, a TKO victim. For five rounds, Turner fought with a fury that brought the big crowd roaring to its feet. Gavilan gave ground willingly but fought back in spurts, matching punch-for-punch in stirring rallies. It was a close battle up to the sudden ending. But you could see it coming as young Gil, who had never went 15 rounds, suddenly found his own pace and Gavilan's sharp counter punches wearing him down. With his white mouthpiece hanging from his loose lips, Turner was saved from possible serious injury when referee Pete Tomasco intervened at 2:47 of the 11th." -Associated Press

Unofficial AP scorecard (through 10 completed rounds) - 5-4-1 Gavilan
Referee Pete Tomasco took the 5th round from Turner for low blows.

Post fight comments

"I'm young. There's plenty of time for me to win the title. Maybe a licking is good for a guy before he becomes a champion." -Gil Turner
"I knew I had him about the 10th round, but he was tougher than I thought he was. He's a good boy." -Kid Gavilan

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