Kid Gavilan vs Gaspar Ortega II

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Kid Gavilan vs Gaspar Ortega II
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Tuesday, October 22, 1957
Wrigley Field, Los Angeles, California, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Titles at Stake: 
Eliminator for the Welterweight World Championship
Frankie Van

Official Judging
Frankie Van 113 - 115
Tommy Hart 113 - 115
Dynamite Jackson 117 - 113


"Gaspar Ortega, in a surprising late finish, won a split decision victory over bolo-punching Kid Gavilan in a scheduled 12 round welterweight elimination bout for the vacant title Tuesday night at Wrigley Field. The split decision stunned most of the ringside press who had Gavilan in front by a wide margin. Ortega's win evened the score with Gavilan. The 31 year old Cuban had decisioned Ortega on July 31 in Miami." -United Press

Unofficial scorecards

UP - 116-112 Gavilan
AP - 116-115 Ortega
L.A. Times - 117-111 Gavilan
Ringside poll of 15 sportswriters had it for Gavilan 12-3.

Attendance - 7,800
Gate - $21,400

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