Kid Gavilan vs Billy Graham

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Kid Gavilan vs Billy Graham
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Friday, February 10, 1950
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Ruby Goldstein

Official Judging
Ruby Goldstein 3 - 6
Artie Aidala 4 - 5
Harold Barnes 5 - 4


"The statuesque brown-haired son of an east-side saloon keeper surprised the fans by carryings the fight to Gavalin in every round.” “Graham’s solid left jabs to the face and his right smashes to the body gave him a close but definite margin of victory in an exciting fight that was contested at a terrific pace in every round.” UP Feb 11, 1950.

The New York Times and the Daily News both scored the fight for Gavilan. "The writer considered the decision highly complimentary to Graham despite his gallant effort in a keen battle. This observer gave six rounds to Gavilan, four to Graham and thought the decision would be a mere formality." Also, "there seemed no room for doubt that Gavilan landed the heavier blows oftener and inflicted greater damage." New York Times

Unofficial AP scorecard - 5-4-1 Gavilan
Unofficial UP scorecard - 5-4-1 Graham
Attendance - 11,812
Gate - $37,035

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