Junior Fa vs Dominick Guinn

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Junior Fa vs Dominick Guinn
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Friday, June 28, 2019
Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, California, USA
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Rudy Barragan

Official Judging
Lou Moret 97 - 92
Pat Russell 98 - 91
Robert Hoyle 98 - 91


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Guinn is a veteran, had 50 fights, been a professional for almost 2 decades, but he is 44, very old, and is well past his best. Guinn has 12 losses, lost shutouts to Szpilka and Hughie Fury, and he was never really a good world level fighter, so Fa, if he is any good at world level, should win this very easily, but what is interesting is that Guinn has never been stopped, I don't believe he has ever been down, he is teak tough, has a granite chin, is durable, so for Fa, impressing in this fight is all about getting the stoppage, several fighters have shut out a younger Guinn, so that won't be much of an achievement for Fa, but if he can stop Guinn, he makes a statement.

I think Fa will win a UD, a unanimous 100-90, I wouldn't be surprised if he was the first to stop Guinn because he is old and the miles have to catch up to him at some stage, but I think Fa fails to stop him, wins a shutout.