Juan Manuel Marquez vs Serhiy Fedchenko

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Juan Manuel Marquez vs Serhiy Fedchenko
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Saturday, April 14, 2012
Arena Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
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Interim WBO Super Lightweight Title
Benjy Esteves Jr.

Official Judging
Steve Weisfeld 118 - 110
Alejandro Lopez Cid 118 - 110
Rafael Isenia 119 - 109


Juan Manuel Marquez 53-6-1 (39 KOs) vs. Serhiy Fedchenko 30-1 (13 KOs)
Marquez entered as the WBO # 1 light welterweight contender, while Fedchenko entered as the WBO # 4 light welterweight contender.
Marquez entered as the # 6 fighter pound-for-pound according to the The Ring Magazine. Marquez also held The Ring Magazine title at lightweight. Fedchenko, a 14/1 beting underdog, was unranked by the same publication.

Fedchenko looked to keep Marquez at a distance and work with his jab and straight right. Marquez, the stronger of the two, worked his way in with a jab and threw combinations with moderate success. A nick opened on the side of Marquez's nose in Round 1. Marquez found success working to the body in Rounds 3 and 4 as Fedchenko stayed mostly on the outside and jabbed. Marquez landed with increasing frequency in Round 5, highlighted by a good straight right. Marquez continued to pile up rounds through the middle of the fight outworking and outlanding Fedchenko. Round 10 was a big one for Marquez. He seemed to have Fedchenko hurt in the final minute of the round, a result of several power shots. Fedchenko, who still landed the occasional jab, was warned in Round 11 for pressing down on the back of Marquez's neck. By the end of the 11th, Fedchenko had noticeable swelling to his left eye. Marquez closed the fight well peppering Fedchenko, who was more willing to trade knowing he was down on the cards.

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