Juan Francisco Estrada vs Felipe Orucuta

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Juan Francisco Estrada vs Felipe Orucuta
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Saturday, September 8, 2018
The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA
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Orucuta is good, fought for a world title twice, came close against Narvaez, lost two split decisions, he was stopped against Cayetano, and he lost a close decision to Daniel Rosas in 2010, but apart from that, he has won all his fights, he doesn't have many good wins, he did win a Continental Americas title, but he has never won a scheduled 10 round fight. You can question how good he is at world level, Orucuta, Narvaez was a very good fighter in his prime, but you could argue that because he was 37, the age disadvantage was a big factor. The facts are, Orucuta has come very close to being a world champion, twice, he is 32, so not too old, and he has 12 years', 40 fights' experience, so he is a veteran in pro boxing.

Estrada is very good, got good wins, beat Cuadras, Melindo, Viloria, only lost an 8 round fight in 2011, nd of course the competitive, arguably close losses against Rungvasai and Gonzalez. Estrada is 28, I think he is in his prime, he is still young, he is experienced, he did well against Rungvasai, and now it is probably a case of him getting back to winning ways, he might get the Rungvasai rematch, it was an MD, a good fight, rematch is a good option I think. It is hard to say whether Estrada can be a world champion again, be a two weight world champion, but I think he would give all the champions tough fights, shouldn't be written off if he fights any of them.

I think Estrada wins this, I think he is a class above, I think it will be a good fight, Orucuta will be in it, take everything, and give Estrada a few problems, but it will still be a one sided fight, and mostly all Estrada. I think Estrada will win by at least 117-111 on the cards.