Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad

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Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad
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Saturday, June 15, 2019
First Direct Arena, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK
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IBF Featherweight World Title (Warrington's 2nd defence)


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Champion97's picture


Great match up, both unbeaten fighters in their prime.

Warrington is good, I thought he would lose to Dennis Ceylan, didn't rate him that high at Europe's level, but he domianted, stopped Ceylan, and more importantly, beat Selby and Frampton, proved himself at world level.

Galahad doesn't have Warrington's resume, doesn't have any wins like Warrington's last 2 wins, is the less proven fighter, but I think he is a good, world level fighter as well, boxed very well in his last fight, against Kahn Clary.

Warrington will push the pace, be aggressive, throw a lot of shots, walk through shots to get closer to the target, and as the rounds go on, be relentless, and Galahad will counter him coming in, try to out box him, but it will be a case of whether Galahad can stop Warrington fighting his fight, use skill and movement to control the distance get himself out of range, know when to throw his shots, Selby and Frampton couldn't do that, and if Galahad can't, and he has to fight Warrington's fight, he'll lose, because he doesn't have as a good a chin as Warrington, is not as strong, and doesn't have the same output.

I'm impressed by Galahad, I think he is a good fighter, but he has a lot to prove, he is the less tested fighter in this fight. I hope Galahad loses, he is unpopular, has very few fans, and there can be no complaints about that.

I think this might be a draw, it is a 50/50 fight, it is a tough one to call, it depends how good Galahad is, he might be slightly better than Warrington, slightly too skilled, but Warrington might have too much output, too much world level experience, I don't see any particular reason to think either is better, Warrington will probably be the favourite, with the 2 big wins, but I think a draw.