Jose Luis Castillo vs Rolando Reyes

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Jose Luis Castillo vs Rolando Reyes
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Saturday, February 4, 2006
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Official Judging
Ray Hawkins 116 - 111
Jesse Reyes 117 - 110
Gale Van Hoy 119 - 108


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Chris M95's picture

rds 3,8 close 4-6 swing
Castillo was eating uppercuts down the stretch of rd 3 to make it close, 8 Reyes was getting the better of the jabbing contest but Castillo body punching was the difference for me in that rd
rd 4 like rds 5 & 6 came down to the last 15 secs and Castillo may have stole that rd with right hand and being the more active fighter in the clinches but the determining factors for me in the rd was Reyes right hands first minute & making Castillo miss his left hooks....winning exchanges in the middle minute with sharp counters off the ropes and for the most part in the final minute with solid D once again taking most of Castillo shots on his gloves or forearms...close close rd