Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Viktor Postol

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Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Viktor Postol
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Sunday, May 9, 2021
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I think Ramirez is improving with every fight, it was a great performance from him against Hooker, and he unified. The fight we all want to see is Ramirez vs Taylor for all 4 belts, Taylor just signed with Top Rank, the fight happening this year is possible, but Ramirez won't overlook Postol, this isn't a tune up. Postol is old, I think he will inevitably be worse than he was against Taylor, but I don't think he will be much worse, I don't think he is shot, and he can still compete at world level.

Postol is a solid Eastern European fighter, has the high guard, does the basics well, he isn't fast, but he can put combinations together, uses the ring, can control the range with his jab, I think style wise, he is similar to Golovkin, he doesn't have anywhere near the power of Golovkin, or the ability to break down an opponent, but I think there is a similarity. Ramirez doesn't have top level power, but he hits fairly hard, is a great pressure fighter, great inside fighter, has high volume, he takes time to find his range, isn't the best outside fighter, but he breaks his opponent down, is patient, and in his last fight, he got a great stoppage.

I think this will be fairly similar to the Imam fight for Ramirez, Postol will use the ring, out work Ramirez when Ramirez isn't in range to throw shots, Ramirez's head movement has improved since the Imam fight, I think he will do a better job of slipping the 1, 2, and Postol is slower than Imam, but Postol has better variety, is a better combination puncher, so I think as he cuts the distance, he will get hit at mid range with hooks and uppercuts, but I don't think Postol can hurt him, and I think even when Ramirez takes shots, and loses rounds, he will be making Postol work, and he will have more success as he gradually closes the distance.

I don't think Postol can sustain the movement and punch output for more than 8 rounds, his legs will let him down at 35, and Ramirez will take over the fight in the mid-late rounds. I think when Postol's movement has slowed or even stopped, and he doesn't have the same speed or weight behind his jab, it will be Ramirez's fight to lose, I think Ramirez will land clean, to head and body, in high volume, break Postol down, and stop him late.