Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Amir Imam

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Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Amir Imam
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Saturday, March 17, 2018
Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, New York, USA
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WBC Light Welterweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


This should be a very good fight.
Two fighters in their primes, big punchers, 43 fights between them, 42 wins between them, fighting for their first world title, it should be a good fight to watch.

Neither Ramirez or Imam have big names, both have had over 20 fights, both will feel ready for a world title fight, and both will surely want to not only win this fight, but make a statement in doing so, I think the winner will do that in the process of winning a world title.

I think both fighters have a good shot at the win here.
- Imam is a couple of years older, at 25/27, that is an advantage, he's been a professional for longer, and he has fought I think by far the best opponent of all their previous opponents, fighting Adrian Granados, valuable experience Ramirez doesn't have
- Imam is the bigger puncher I think, not just because he has the better knock out ratio, but because he dropped Adrian Granados twice, Granados, a fighter witn a granite chin
- Imam is the fighter with more reach, he might be naturally the slightly bigger fighter

- Ramirez has been the more active fighter of the two over the past few years
- Throughout his career, Ramirez has never fought an opponent who had lost more than he had won
- Ramirez has been in more title fights

There are two very different ways of looking at the experience aspect of the fight.
Assuming Granados is by far the best of their 43 past opponents, Imam has that learning experience which Ramirez does not have, but on the other hand, Ramirez is undefeated, and although Imam has only lost once, and he has won his last few fights, the fact is, when he stepped up in levels, fought Granados, he lost. How you view the situation I think depends whether or not you think Ramirez would beat Granados.

I think Ramirez wins this.
I think Ramirez is a broken down level above Imam.
Imam is a threat, he has a good shot at winning, he can punch, he is awkward, skilled, great movement on the ropes, very hard to hit, he's fast.
I think Imam will do very well in this fight, he might get Ramirez's respect of his power, if he hurts him early, which he might do, but I think in terms of all round boxing ability, Ramirez will prove to be the better fighter as the fight goes on, when the round is negative, Ramirez will dictate, when the fighters open up and exchange, I think Ramirez will have the better of it.
I think this will be a classic fight, I think Ramirez will be taking the lead for the majority of the fight, but Imam will have his own success, give Ramirez a lot of problems, it will be very competitive, both fighters will do their reputations a lot of good.

I think Ramirez will get a late stoppage, I'll say round 11.

Champion97's picture

Tale of the tape

Height: 178
Reach: 184
Age: 25
Fights: 21
Year of debut: 2012
Wins: 21
Experiences at 140: 12
Career heaviest weight: 143
Career lightest weight: 137
Unbeaten opponents: 2
Opponents with losing records: 0
Title contests: 7
World title contests: 0
KO percentage: 76
Best win (opinionated): Mike Reed (November 2017, KO 2)
Current activity rate (2016-present): 5 fights
Time since last fight: 4 months

Height: 179
Reach: 188
Age: 27
Fights: 22
Year of debut: 2011
Wins: 21
Experiences at 140: 16
Career heaviest weight: 145
Career lightest weight: 135
Unbeaten opponents: 2
Opponents with losing records: 7
Title contests: 3
World title contests: 0
KO percentage: 82
Best win (opinionated): Yordenis Ugas (May 2014, UD)
Current activity rate (2016-present): 3 fights
Time since last fight: 4 months