Jorge Linares vs Mercito Gesta

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Jorge Linares vs Mercito Gesta
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Saturday, January 27, 2018
The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA
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WBA, WBC Diamond & The Ring Lightweight World Title


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I think this is a stay busy fight for Linares, he had two tough fights in 2017, won both, looked great in both, boxed well, put both guys on the floor, but he was pushed hard in both, especially against Campbell, so Linares deserves his next fight not to be a long, tough fight. You never know with these banana skin fights, where the underdog is written off, and when the fight takes place, it is actually a really tough fight for the champion. Linares will take no chances I think, he'll be prepared for Gesta to be better than he's ever been before, every opponent is dangerous, and a world champion should always fight, prepared to dig deep.

Gesta will come to fight, he's not too old, his record his 31-1, which is not bad, but he hasn't won at a high level, he drew with Carlos Molina, a fighter who lost every round and was retired on his stool by Amir Khan, and was comprehensively outboxed by Adrien Broner, and his only previous world title shot, Gesta, was against Miguel Vazquez, he lost by landslide margins on all three scorecards, Vazquez, a solid fighter, but no Mayweather, no Lomachenko, Crawford.

I think the difference in levels will be apparent from the start, as a tough, determined Gesta tries his best, but round after round, takes punishment, becomes more of easy target round by round, and though he might land the occasional decent shot himself, he will have to really put forward a lot of effort, merely to have any success. I think Gesta will tough it out for a while, this is the fight of his life, but he isn't a devastating puncher, it is so hard to pin Linares down, build on it if you do hurt him, he is so fleet footed, I don't see any way Gesta can give Linares problems. My prediction is Linares by TKO, I think in 8 rounds.