Jono Carroll vs Marco McCullough

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Jono Carroll vs Marco McCullough
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Saturday, April 21, 2018
The SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
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IBF Super Featherweight Inter-Continental Title


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Champion97's picture


This is another good fight on a very good bill of fights.

Jono Carroll is a good fighter, I've seen him fight a couple of times, he's fleet footed, fast hands as well, he isn't a puncher, but he got the stoppage in his last fight. I think Carroll is definitely improving, he is untested, but he's making good progress, and he has been in at least one difficult fight so far, he defeated then unbeaten John Quigley via split decision, in an IBF East/West Europe title fight, and Carroll is up against a tough opponent in this fight.

Marco McCullough is good, I've seen him fight once, that was against Ryan Walsh, he showed a lot of grit, but was stopped, and seemed a class below his opponent. McCullough is not a world level fighter, but he has won a European title at least once, won an Inter-continental title as well, so he has to be respected as a good European level fighter. McCullough came up short against Walsh, he also lost to Isaac Lowe, so he's the underdog, but he has experience, he wins most of the time, he's a young fighter, and he could be a tough test of an opponent for Carroll.

I think Jono Carroll has more potential, may well go further in boxing than the Lowe's and Walsh's of British boxing, I could be wrong about that, but I think Carroll might have a future in world level boxing. If Carroll is as good as I think he is, he should definitely win this fight, and it shouldn't be too difficult, and given that McCullough has been defeated by opponents who Carroll might be slightly better than, I think Carroll should prove to be a level above, but McCullough will push the fight.

I think apart from the Quigley fight, this is the toughest fight of Jono Carrol's career so far, if he wins, it will be a good win, and if he can dominate McCullough, then he can make a statement, fastrack his way to a world title fight, I don't think he is ready for a world title fight yet, but maybe an eliminator could be a target for this year.

There is pressure on fighters to stop guys, and maybe, amongst the British and Irish boxing viewers (fans, media, and potential opponents), there might be pressure on Carroll to stop McCullough, but I don't think that is important, winning is the main thing, but ease or difficulty at this level might give us a better idea of what level Carroll is at.
I think if Carroll boxes, moves, uses his speed, skill, punishes McCullough with good, fast combinations, he can make the fight quite easy, I think unless McCullough hurts Carroll, there isn't much he can do to cause Carroll problems, he can force the pace, try to test Carroll's stamina down tne stretch, apply hardcore pressure, but I think the more he tries to do that, the more of a high volume of punches he will take.

I think Carroll will win this by a landslide, it could be a shutout, people don't realise how hard it is to win 12 consecutive rounds, but I would be surprised if McCullough won any more than a generous 3 rounds. I wouldn't be shocked if Carroll got the stoppage, he is more of a puncher, is more dangerous than his knock out ratio suggests, but my prediction Carroll by UD.