Joe Joyce vs Lenroy Thomas

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Joe Joyce vs Lenroy Thomas
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Saturday, May 5, 2018
O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, England, UK
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Heavyweight Commonwealth Title


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Good match up.
This is a very good test for Joe Joyce, whilst rushing a prospect too early in his career is never a good idea, it is also good to make full use of all the time a fighter has, and Joyce, being 32, has no time to waste, even for big heavyweight. Even though his struggles in the professional ring went beyond age, Audley Harrison, a great amateur, won fights as professional, did well at a certain level, but found himself in tough competition against decent British level fighters who are not significant at world level, and when he actually stepped up, faced David Haye, he lost, and lost badly, he was then brutally demolished by David Price and Deontay Wilder. Like Joyce, Harrison was an Olympic finalist, turned professional, late. Joyce has a good chance of going further, having a more successful professional career than Harrison did, but if his career does go well at a high level, it won't last long.

Lenroy Thomas is already an overachiever, he has had his ups and downs, stopped against Dominic Breazeale, Andrey Fedosov, he was the underdog when he faced David Allen, away from home last year, in Sheffield, on the undercard of Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Jr, and he pulled out the upset, it was close, it was a split decision, but he won, became the Commonwealth champion. Although they didn't join forces under good circumstances, Kenny Porter and Lenroy Thomas have been great as a team, Porter did a brilliant job of stepping in to help Thomas after his trainer had to withdraw, I think Kenny and Shawn were only originally there to support Spence, but what a story that was, Thomas, clearly not the most talented boxer, not a young rising prospect or anything, just a fighter who had trained hard, wanted to win so bad, tried his best, and accomplish his goal. It is a shame the Allen rematch ended due to a head clash cut, and so early as well, we have no idea who would have won that fight. Thomas, though the champion, has a lot more to gain here than he has to lose, I'm sure he will try his absolute best to win.

It was good for Joyce to start his career with 7-8 rounds against Ian Lewison, but his other two opponents have been unable to make a fight of it, I think Thomas is better than Lewison, and he can not only take Joyce past 1 round, but also challenge him a little bit.

I think Joyce will have to prove his boxing ability to a degree in this fight, he might slightly struggle in patches against Thomas, but I think because Joyce has a lot more potential than Thomas, he's slightly younger, he's much bigger, and Joyce hits very hard, and Thomas doesn't take shots well, I don't think Thomas will seem at any point in the fight as id he has a strong chance of winning, it won't be a seriously hard fight for Joyce, and the only thing against Joyce is value of professional boxing experience.

I think Joyce wins this in 6 rounds, gets to 4-0, and becomes the Commonwealth champion. You can never completely write off a guy as determined as Thomas, but I highly doubt he'll get another upset win.

Assuming Joyce punches through Thomas, I think he should fight again, maybe in just 2 months' time, because the clock is ticking, and I think Joyce would be wise to fight 5 or 6 times a year at this stage, and also, keep his opposition fairly high, and make full use of what time he has to learn. I wouldn't mind seeing Joyce vs Browne this year.