Jermall Charlo vs Jorge Sebastian Heiland

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Jermall Charlo vs Jorge Sebastian Heiland
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Saturday, July 29, 2017
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA
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This is a decent fight to be added to a fantastic card of boxing.

Jermall Charlo is the goods in my opinion, I think he'll go very far in this sport. With Charlos last two victories, he made big statements, I thought he was great against Austin Trout, and the best Austin Trout we've seen in my opinion, and then of course that fantastic knock out against Julian Williams. I think at 160, Charlo is behind GGG, Jacobs, but not by much, and apart from the big dogs, I think he is the best, he definitely makes the top 5 on my list and in my opinion he is top 3. This fight, I believe will be a good way for Charlo to stay active, I think fighting in New York, fighting on the big stage again, it will be good experience for Charlo, I don't think this will be much of a test, I don't think it will be extremely productive, I don't think we will learn much more about the Texan puncher, but I think it is a good match up, I hope Charlo's next fight isn't against an opponent of this calibre, because I don't think Heiland is that good, but for a fight that keeps you active, a fight that isn't supposed to be difficult, fight in which you can afford mistakes, it isn't a bad fight.

Jorge Sebastian Heiland isn't known around the world, his only really notable win was hjs victory over Matthew Macklin, when he (to his credit!) travelled to Ireland, and scored a knock out against Macklin, as the underdog. Besides the Macklin victory, I don't see any really impressive wins on the Argentine's record, most of them have been fellow Argentines, which suggests, he has been fighting at domestic level for most of hia career. Heiland has losses, a few of them, and not to great opponents, Heiland is also, although a big puncher, not a really concussive puncher, not extremely powerful, and he probably doesn't have the skill of using his power particularly well. On the other hand, Heiland, as he showed us against Macklin, can punch, and although he's lost on 4 occasions, he's never been stopped, which is good, and although he hasn't been in there with great opponents, he's won a Latino title at least once, the also won the WBC International middleweight title, and one of his losses came in a WBC interim world title fight, against Sebastian Zbik, who then fought Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Felix Sturm, losing both fights, but that shows at least some evidence that Heiland has lost against respectable opposition at this level, but still, he lost to someone, who lost to someone, who is very well known, which doesn't add much excitement to this fight, I don't think Heiland is in this class, I think his best weapons will be his toughness, mindset, power, he has 'a puncher's chance', and I'm sure he'll step into the ring with every intention of trying his best to win.

I think Jermall Charlo will win this fight, and win without difficulty, I think in the first two rounds, Charlo will step in with his shots, I think he'll be sharp, I think he'll take some time to ease into the fight, and the first 6 minutes or so will be fairly quiet, but I think Charlo will take a clear lead, I think from round 3 onwards, Charlo will step on the gas pedal, put more into the shots, take very few back, hurt, dominate, and beat up a brave but overmatched Heiland. I think the stoppage will come in round 8, I think although looking for an explosive finish where he knocks the guy out cold, the referee will have seen enough, Heiland will have been down many times, he'll be hurt, struggling to land anything, unable to make Charlo miss with anything, and it will be case of the fight continuing merely because Heiland is tough and brave enough to take the punishment. I think at the time of the stoppage, the scorecards will be 70-60, 70-60, 70-60, with many believing the fight should have been stopped earlier than the time when it is stopped. I don't think any of the rounds will be close, and will be a very one sided fight throughout, and Charlo's long term benefit from this fight will be doing what he does for 7-8 rounds, with method and maturity in which he couldn't have boxed with 2 years ago, and the experience of fighting where and when he is fighting.

I hope Charlo can get a big fight soon, maybe late this year, maybe early 2018, I think there are a few good options, maybe fat boy who's initials tell his story, BS, will have the balls to fight a real world champion in Charlo, and Charlo can pick up the WBO belt with an easy win over an overrated prick. Of course Danny Jacobs is a great option as a future opponent, I think Jacobs vs Charlo, is a great, 50/50 fight betweem two of the top fighters in their division, I think Jacobs would have the egde now due to mostly experience, but what a fight that could be, of course the winner of Golovkin vs Alvarez, well, that would be some opportunity, I believe Charlo is good enough to give these guys hard fights, in the future, maybe even beat them. Apart from the two or three big fights which I think Charlo comes up short in now, I don't see a great deal of big fights for him, I don't thinknthere are any really hard fights for him which he wins, I mean, who's below the top guys? Lemiuex, Murata, a few others of that level, no I think Charlo is much too much for these guys, so really it isn't the best division to be in opponent wise, then again, Lemiuex, Murata, etc, they are more than good fighters, they can challenge Charlo, still give him some problems, and if he stays at 160, and can't secure a fight against GGG, Canelo, Jacobs any time soon, and no other great fighters join the weight class, then I think for Charlo, Lemiuex, Murata, these are the guys to fight.

Nobody is expecting Heiland to win this fight, so from an out side perspective, there is no pressure on him to win this fight, he doesn't really have anything to lose, definitely not at this level. Exactly how the finds unfolds should depend on just how much Heiland really wants to win, but I would be shocked if Heiland was to win this fight, and I would be surprised if Charlo was unable to stop Heiland. A way Heiland might want to think, is that the pressure is on Charlo not only to win, but domiante, and impress, if Charlo loses, he has a problem, it would be a massive setback, and a devastating upset, whilst for Heiland, it wouldn't take much away from him career wise at all, in fact, if the fight turns out tbe way I think it will, then the fight will do Heiland's reputation more good than harm. I hope Heiland tries to take the fight to Charlo, really participates, and takes a competitive approach to the fight and thinks like the guy who is going to win, because in boxing, in some fight sitiations, that can be the most important thing.

albertocastany's picture

Not sure about this one. Haven't watched Heiland that much to be able to make a good judgment. Argentinan fighters who end up with high rankings in the sanctioning bodies are always a wild card. You can either get an overhyped bump, or you can get a sharp and solid assasin.
Will be interesting to watch Charlo taking this challenge, and perhaps position himself for a titleshot