Jermall Charlo vs Hugo Centeno Jr

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Jermall Charlo vs Hugo Centeno Jr
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Saturday, April 21, 2018
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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Interim WBC Middleweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


This is a good match up, it should be a good fight.

Jermall Charlo is a great fighter in my opinion, I think both the Charlo brothers are.
Charlo has proven himself on a high level a few times, but like the other highly rated middleweights, he hasn't been in a major fight, and hasn't been in a 50/50 fight, or a fight which he was the underdog in.

Charlo is one of many fighters at 160 who wants to fight a Golovkin, or Canelo, it is very frustrating for all the middleweights in his shoes, Jacobs, Andrade, Saunders, Murata, but it is important that these fighters stay dedicated, keep consistent, and fight often enough.

I think this is a good, sensible fight for Charlo, not cutting a corner, taking a fight which he knows looks more difficult on paper than it actually is, and he's also not trying to take too many tough fights, which is wise, in this case, Centeno may have been the best, most challenging option for an opponent.

I have seen Hugo Centeno fight a couple of times. I saw Centeno's last fight, that was against Immanuwel Aleem, he knocked Aleem out cold with devastating left hook in round 3.

Based on what I've seen from Centeno in the ring, I think he has a lot of strengths, he has only lost once, for a reason, but I think he has a lot of weaknesses that can be exploited at this level.

I think Centeno is a talented fighter, he can punch, and he can box, he has fast feet, he moves well, uses the ring, he is good at moving his head in the same direction as incoming shots, he has good reflexes. At range, Centeno is skilled, he has a good jab, he doubles up the jab as well, his right hand follow up is often thrown at an awkward angle, but I think he should be quite easy for a really good counter puncher to hit him on the counter.

I don't think Centeno is a compact boxer, he has a lot of flaws, I don't think he is the best inside fighter, I don't think he has great balance despite his good footwork, great mobility. I think Centeno has a fair amount of defensive skill, he uses his feet a lot, he can block, move his head, but I think fighters who throw combinations can get to him, because Centeno isn't great at catching fighters coming in, or fighting off the ropes. I think Centeno likes to briefly take centre ring, land good, solid lead shots, and then use the ring, make his opponent chase shadows.

I think Charlo will win this fight.
Centeno is good, but Charlo is great, I think he is a class above.
I think Charlo is the more complete boxer, I think he is better conditioned, as well as being the bigger puncher.
I think Charlos strengths, his power, the way he uses it, his ability to set his opponent up, I think all these attributes set him above an opponent of the level of Centeno, and he is the better basic fighter, and has a lot more strengths.

I think this fight will be easy to analyse.
I think Charlo will be patient, aim to draw Centeno onto a power shot, Centeno will try to jump forward, beat Charlo to the punch, and then back up, get on the move, and take the ground away from him.

I do not think Centeno can get the better of many if any exchanges, and in the early rounds, which will be quiet, negative, Centeno will learn that if takes centre ring, tries to pick Charlo off, even playing it safe, throwing the single jab, Charlo will make him pay. I think after 3 rounds, Centeno will have already taken some big punches, and a fair amount of them, and it will be clear that his two options, are to fight it out against Charlo, but come off worse, and get painfully punished for taking a chance, or get out of harms way, use his foot speed, but use up a lot of steam, drain his legs, and let his offence go down the toilet in the process.

I think rounds 4-6 will look like a survival mission from Centeno, as he opts not to engage, and as he tires, Charlo will get closer, his patience will become less necessary, and he will raise his work rate, hitting a back peddling Centeno with higher number of punches round by round, and giving a beating in the sixth.

I think Centeno will be completely gassed after 6, and Charlo will knock him out in 7.

Champion97's picture

Tale of the tape

Height: 183
Reach: 187
Age: 27
Fights: 26
Wins: 26
Year of debut: 2008
Experiences at 160: 2
Career heaviest weight: 159
Career lightest weight: 147
Title contests: 4
World title contests: 4
Time since last fight: 7 months
Activity rate (2016-present): 3 fights
KO percentage: 77
Unbeaten opponents: 2
Opponents with losing records: 8
Knockdowns suffered in career:
Best win (opinionated): Austin Trout (May 2016, UD)

Height: 187
Reach: 192
Age: 27
Fights: 28
Wins: 26
Year of debut: 2009
Experiences at 160: 8
Career heaviest weight: 163
Career lightest weight: 144
Title contests: 1
World title contests: 0
Time since last fight: 6 months
Activity rate (2016-present): 3 fights
KO percentage: 50
Unbeaten opponents: 2
Opponents with losing records: 13
Knockdowns suffered in career: 2
Best win (opinionated): James De La Rosa (December 2014, KO 5)