Jarrertt Hurd vs Austin Trout

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Jarrertt Hurd vs Austin Trout
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Saturday, July 29, 2017
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA
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IBF Light Middleweight World Title


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I think this is a fantastic fight!

Jarrett Hurd has a lot to prove, he is good, he can punch, is he great?, is he on the same level as Charlo, Andrade, Lara?, these are questions about him which haven't been answered yet, Austin Trout could be able to answer them. Jo Jo Dan, Oscar Molina, these are not great opponents, Oscar Molina was tough, went the full 10 against Hurd, but neither of these guys are anything like Austin Trout, and I think it is nearly guaranteed that Trout is the toughest opponent of Hurd's career so far, so this is something of a test for the unbeaten Maryland fighter.

Austin Trout is not Tony Harrison, Harrison was skilled, awkward, frustrating for Hurd, he built up a lead after 6 rounds, but he was fatuigued, and his chin didn't hold up against the power of Hurd, it seemed as if there were the two weaknesses that were important for Hurd. Austin Trout has a fantastic chin and one great engine, he has been 12 rounds many times, he isn't the biggest puncher (though not a non-puncher) he has done plenty of rounds in his time. Austin Trout was able to withstand every punch Jermall Charlo hit him with, without going down, without seeming to be close to falling, and he had his best round of the fight in the eleventh, and a decent final round against a still strong, also very athletic Charlo, so taking these two details into consideration, it is very interesting, because Hurd will have to find another way to get through the New Mexican.

It is extremely difficult for me to predict the outcome of this fight, based on what I've seen from Hurd, one half of my mind tells me Trout will win this one, the other half tells me that when one guy is unbeaten, and another guy has lost three fights, it is very rare that the guy who is not undefeated wins, of course, it can happen, Pacquiao had several losses on his record before beating Bradley, Algieri, speaking of Tim Bradley, he wasn't undefeated when he beat the previously undefeated Jessie Vargas, Marcos Maidana had 3 losses on his record when he beat the then unbeaten Adrien Broner, Badou Jack had a defeat on his record when he beat the previously undefeated Anthony Dirrell, and the same situation with Jacobs against Quillin, there are many more examples recent and historic, so it can happen, but it does not seem likely on paper.

Thinking logically, when I gather the facts and my opinons which will be proven right or wrong, I want to predict Trout to have a little bit too much for Hurd, but at the same time, Hurd has looked solid throughout his career so far, we don't know how good he is, maybe he will rise to the occasion, we don't know his talent, his capabilities, how quickly he is learning, the extent of his power, his adaptability, so the outcome, of this (I believe, 50/50) fight, is very hard to predict.

I think Hurd is going to win an SD, I think ot will be razor tight, I think Trout, and his fans will be devastated, they will think their guy won, Trout will think he did enough to win, but the decision will be fair, disagreed with, but fair, hopefully, if the fight is as close as I think it will be, the scorecards will all be narrow either way.

If Hurd is going to win this fight, and Trout is as good as he was against Charlo, Canelo, then he will have to perform very well indeed, because Trout, on his game, is a tough nut to crack, he's big, strong, skilled, durable, athletic. I believe, that if Trout can withstand the power of Canelo, Lara, Charlo, then he can withstand the power of Hurd, I don't think Hurd hits as hard as Charlo, but of course, we don't know yet, and Trout has disappointed before, against Lara, he had a terrible night, and he was dropped heavily twice against a not so great, Daniel Dawson in his comeback fight, but no, if the layoff has not affected Trout (which is something I consider but don't think will be an issue), and the Trout who beat Cotto, came close to beating Charlo and Canelo, then he'll be there for 12 rounds.

I hope Trout wins this, I like Jarrett Hurd, he seems like a good guy, but Austin Trout is liked by everyone, I've always looked up to him, since I was a young lad who had just started boxing, and I watched him beat Cotto, when he called out Canelo respectfully, and at the same time, in a way which git the fans excited. I think Hurd will be given more opportunities in the future with one loss, than Trout will be with four losses, Hurd can afford to lose more, he's younger, so I hope Trout wins, but ultimately, I will be happy for either if they win, and I very much hope it is a good fight which entertains the fans in attendance, and course, as always, both athletes some through he fight 100% safe and healthy. If Trout loses this fight, in the fairly controversial, disputable way I think he will, maybe he can still win a world title in the future.