Jaron Ennis vs Sergey Lipinets

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Jaron Ennis vs Sergey Lipinets
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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Jaron Ennis UD

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Ennis is offensively brilliant, has speed, power, volume, variety, is a brilliant combination puncher, Lipinets is very durable, but he's often in the pocket, isn't defensively great, Mikey dropped and hurt him, couldn't stop him, Ennis doesn't have Mikey's experience, maybe not his timing, but he's definitely a better finisher, and is a lot bigger. Lipinets is likely defensively better than all Ennis's past opponents but Ennis has good punch selection. Ennis hasn't been past 6 rounds, I think Lipinets can hold up for 6-8 rounds, and can test Ennis's pacing and stamina down the stretch. Ennis's chin and defence are relatively untested, Lipinets hits very hard, one or both those things will be more tested. If Lipinets gets Ennis's respect, and puts him on the defensive, Ennis's adaptability will be tested, he can fight on the inside, but I don't know how reliant he is on that, and how well he can use his reach.

I don't think Ennis's strength will be a factor in the early rounds, I think he'll throw varied combinations off the back foot, to head and body, will parry most of Lipinets's shots, make adjustments with his feet, and Lipinets will walk into a fair amount of shots, Lipinets will do good work to the body, his jab will make Ennis more hesitant to throw, will land the right hand when can get off first or Ennis is there for it, but Ennis will nullify Lipinets's shots by being first with fast, varied combinations in the mid rounds, as he gets more confident, and Lipinets will struggle to get the momentum, Ennis will knock more out of him in the mid rounds, and the fight will take more out of him. I think down the stretch, when both are tired, I think Ennis will use his strength, push Lipinets back, and attack the body on the inside, which will take far more out of Lipinets than Ennis, Lipinets will be a very easy target, won't get any respite, Ennis will have control of the pace, and he'll stop Lipinets in the late rounds.

I wouldn't be surprised if this went the distance, but I'd be surprised if Lipinets won.