James Toney vs Sanderline Williams

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James Toney vs Sanderline Williams
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Thursday, July 26, 1990
Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Joe Sowerby

Official Judging
Herb Ellison 96 - 94
James Hoomaian 95 - 95
Charles McHenry 95 - 95


James Toney 20-0 (15 KOs) vs. Sanderline Williams 24-11 (14 KOs)The announcers said Williams's record was 24-9 (14 KOs).Toney entered as both the IBC and Michigan Middleweight Champion.Williams entered having lost three consecutive bouts on points and with a record of 2-7 in his previous nine.

Williams outworked Toney and maintained distance in the opening round and used his reach advantage to land the jab. In Round 4, he came forward and looked to pressure Toney. Williams threw primarily to the body when in close. Toney found some success in the round and used his hand speed to land several clean punches, highlighted by an uppercut. By the end of Round 4, Williams had developed slight swelling underneath his right eye. Williams kept Toney uncomfortable in the middle rounds by keeping the pressure on him and outworking him. Toney likely landed the cleaner shots, but in between those, Williams kept his hands moving. Toney threw very little when the two were in close and required space to get his punches off. He spent much of the fight backpedaling.

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