Jaime Munguia vs Takeshi Inoue

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Jaime Munguia vs Takeshi Inoue
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Saturday, January 26, 2019
Toyota Center, Houston, Texas, USA
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WBO Light Middleweight World Title (Munguia's 3rd defence)


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Munguia should move up to 160 ASAP, he is big for 154, and at an age when he is maturing, and the weight will be harder to make, he might find 154 is too much of a cut one of these fights and either fight drained, or miss the weight.

I think Munguia is already top 3 in his division, he has only had one really good learning fight, but he is a world champion, and Sadam Ali, Brandon Cook, not by any means, the bums they looked like against Munguia. I don't think Munguia should be thrown in against a good world level fighter until he is ready, maybe in 2 years, he has bags of time, no reason for him to be rushed.

Inoue is 13-0-1, his first fight was a draw, he's won the rest, 14 fights is not a lot, his first 10 fights were non-title fights, he won a Japanese title, and then an OPBF title, also an Asia Pacific title, so still nowhere near world level, but at least he has fought at title level and has stepped it up, he has been 12 rounds, so he has that experience. Inoue has 50% KOs, so trying to match Munguia for power, I think would be a big mistake. Inoue is 29, should be at his best, he's fresh, he's probably in his prime, this is a great opportunity, and it has come at the right time for him.

I think Munguia will stop Inoue in 6 rounds, I think Munguia will land some hard shots eaely, but Inoue will take them well before he's had his resistance beaten out of him, so Munguia will break him down round by round, through rounds 2-5. I think Inoue will make it slightly competitive at times, grit it out, but keep coming off worse and struggling just to stay in the fight at all. I think by attacking head and body, with a sustained onslaught, Munguia will stop Inoue in 6.