Hiroto Kyoguchi vs Vince Paras

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Hiroto Kyoguchi vs Vince Paras
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Sunday, May 20, 2018
Ota-City General Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan
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IBF Strawweight World Title
Benjy Esteves Jr

Official Judging
Neville Hotz 117 - 110
Mike Fitzgerald 117 - 110
Alfredo Polanco 117 - 110


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Naruto's picture

Am not finding this or the Taguchi fights anywhere.

Champion97's picture

Just give it time, sure they will be around soon, maybe on YouTube.

Welcome to Eye on the ring by the way!

Naruto's picture

Thank you, I just got into boxing. so I'm not sure about when fights usually become available. Tell me I've browsed around quite a bit since I signed up and noticed there a tons of old fights that there aren't in video for what do we do about those? I'm a terrible completist so I can't stand to leave something undone, do we just ignore the fights that don't have video like all the Jack Johnson or Archie Moore or even many of the Terrence Crawford fights?

Champion97's picture

Well I guess if the videos show up, score them, if not, jusy enjoy scoring what fights you can see, all I can say really. This is just supposed to be fun for boxing fans to be honest, score fights the way you want, discuss boxing, but if it is a problem all I could say is just ignore those fights, not doing any harm, I could delete them, but I don't think that's necessary. The only time I would delete a fight, would be if there had never been any footage, because there are fights which are not appearing online to be seen now, but have been and will be in the future.