George Groves vs Fedor Chudinov

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George Groves vs Fedor Chudinov
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Saturday, May 27, 2017
Bramall Lane, Sheffield, UK
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I think this is a very interesting fight, and a fight which will be a great addition to what looks to be a great night of boxing.

George Groves has a reputation which has been built up based on his success in doing everything but, becoming a world champion, after his phenomanal performance against Carl Froch in 2013, dropping him, building up, legitimately, a wide lead on the scorecards, before being controversially stopped, with the referee stopping the fight prematurely after Froch managed to inflict some damage on Groves. Groves boxed well against a different Carl Froch in their rematch, with Froch having improved massively on his performance in the first fight, knocking Groves out cold, and then of course Groves, getting back to sinning ways, but losing a tight split decision to Badou Jack. Groves has been unfortunate, he has come frustratingly close to winning a title, a premature stoppage, a one punch knock out in a fight which was pretty much even before the historic shot landed, and a split decision, it has always been clear that he is more than good enough to win a world title, and I think this is his time! I think Groves losing to Badou Jack was bad for his reputation, because at the time, Badou Jack, for some reason, was known for being 'the weak link' out of the world champions at 168, I never agreed with this, James Degale was known for being the best fighter at 168, I disagreed with this also, despite him being a heavy favourite over Badou Jack in a still very highly anticipated fight, I believed Jack would have the beating of Degale, and I was almost right, Jack and Degald both boxed fantastically, in a fairly scored draw, the majority of the people had Jack winning, but by a maximum of two points, and nothing decisive, nevertheless, the idea that Degale was the best champion and Jack was the worst, lost validity, and this was evidence of the fact that Groves losing to Jack did does not speak as negatively about him as people thought at the time, the fight was also very close, plus the fact that Groves has new, much better suited trainer now, he has secured 4 wins, looked great in all of them, especially his master class performance pver Martin Murray, another 'nearly man', who has been well beaten only Golovkin and now Groves, and come up short only to the likes of Felix Sturm and Sergio Martinez, I think Groves current winning streak is very impressive, and has taken him up a notch, I believe he has overtaken Badou Jack, James Degale, and is the best super middleweight on the planet.

Fedor Chudinov is a very good fighter, I believe he is underrated, it is hard to rate him right at the top, because he hasn't had a lot of fights, he is quite young, from what I've seen of him, he doesn't have a great deal of tools, but he does the basics so well, he throws in combinations, he has fast hands, he isn't a non puncher, his stamina is great, from what we've seen, he can take a shot. Chudinov was not a well known fighter at all before he upset Felix Sturm to become a world champion, all be it, a declined Sturm, but he still beat him, he impressed when he came to the UK to dominate solid British, European level fighter Frank Buglioni, who is strong, powerful, and does what he does well, it was a great performance from Chudinov, who showed himself to be a class above Buglioni. I thought Chudinov's performance in the Sturm rematch was fantastic, he out worked, out moved, out paced, very heavily out landed the 37 year old veteran through most of the fight, and won the fight clearly, Sturm was in the fight, it had close periods, he won 3-4 rounds, but that is not nearly enough to win the fight, and over all, it was not a close fight. Chudinov was robbed against Sturm, it is as simple as that, it was a terrible decision, there are bad decisions which happen in boxing, sometimes through judges failure or inability, sometimes through judges who know exactly what they are doing, making it almsot impossible for the away fighter to win, I've seen this happen in Germany many times, and Finland. Legitimately, Chudinov has beaten Felix Sturm, twice, this is the best of his CV, by far. Chudinov is the under dog in this fight, and rightly so, but I'm sure George Groves knows he is no pushover, is expecting a tough opponent.

I believe George Groves will win this fight, I think Chudinov is good enough to make the fight interesting, especially early, I think he'll make the fight competitive, Groves does have his work cut out for him, but I expect him to dominate Chudinov, Chudinov, good hand speed, good, high work rate, I think Groves's hands a faster, I think Groves can be in a rhythm of throwing more shots, Chudinov's footwork is good, I believe Groves's is better. If George Groves ever had any stamina issues (which I don't believe), I think they must be well and truly worked on and fixed now. The Groves jab is fantastic, it is spiteful, it is fast, sharp, accurate, well timed, I think this is what separates him from a lot of other great fighters, and I believe Chudinov simply does not have what it takes to work around it. I think Chudinov's durability will be tested, because with his positive style, he is surely going to take a lot of good shots from Groves. I believe Groves will defeat Chudinov via unanimous decision, and a wide one, 116-112, 117-117, 118-110.

As a fan of George Groves, I do have concern for him, but not as much concern as we surely all should if we don't already have, concern for the health and well being of his previous opponent, German contender Eduard Gutknecht. When Groves beat the Gutknecht late last year, many thoughtbthe referee should have stopped the fight, but it went the distance, and tragically, Gutknecht suffered severe swelling on the brain, he was put into a 5 week long induced coma, and I believe, has suffered multiple strokes since, besides having trouble communicating. It is so sad when boxers suffer serious injuries in the ring, there are many names, Gerald Mclellan, Michael Watson, Paul Ingle, Bradley Stone, Nick Blackwell, Mike Towell, Prichard Colon, the list goes on, so many boxers have had boxing's risks backfire at them, in this great sport, boxers have a much higher chance of going home to their families, healthy, safe and well, when they are fit to fight before the fight takes place, and the referee does his job properly, but there is always an element of risk. When a boxer's opponent suffers serious, life threatening injuries, mentally, emotionally, this can take a toll on him, we saw this with Brian Rose after he fought Jason Rushton, before being stopped by underdog Max Maxwell in a shock defeat, and it seems as if the situation with Eduard Gutknecht has really affected George Groves, I question whether or not this will change him as a boxer, take away that killer instinct.

All being well, if Groves beats Chudinov, then thisnwill open many doors for him, the James Degale fight is massive, Gilberto Ramirez is impressing everyone, Callum Smith as well, Groves may move up to 175 one day, and there are some mega fights there. If Chudinov was to pull off the upset here, that would massively enhance his career, take it up a level, and surely bring him a lot more fantastic opportunities.