Gene Fullmer vs Florentino Fernandez

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Gene Fullmer vs Florentino Fernandez
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Saturday, August 5, 1961
Ogden Stadium, Ogden, Utah, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Titles at Stake: 
NBA Middleweight World Title
Ken Shulsen

Official Judging
Ken Shulsen 145 - 142
Norman Jorgensen 148 - 140
Del Markham 143 - 145


"Champion Gene Fullmer survived a terrific battering in the closing rounds but had enough of an early lead to win a split 15 round decision over challenger Florentino Fernandez of Cuba. Fullmer broke a bone in his right elbow in the wild 14th round in successfully defening his NBA middleweight title. Fullemr fought most of the last two rounds knowing that his arm felt numb but unaware until Sunday morning that a bone had been broken. Fernandez staggered Fullmer in the 14th round with a right-left combination to the head. Then the converted southpaw from Havana switched to his old southpaw stance and blasted Gene about the ring with terrific left hooks to the body and head in the 14th and 15th rounds but could not put him down. There were no knockdowns in the bruising bout. But Fernandez suffered such a body and head beating in the early going that he was forced to hold on several times to prevent going down." -United Press International
Unofficial UPI scorecard - 144-141 Fullmer
Gate - $95,000
Purses - Fullmer: 45% of the net gate and $60,000 from TV monies; Fernandez: 20% of the net gate and $10,000 in TV monies.
Post-fight comment: "My whole arm went numb in the 14th round but I thought maybe I had just been hit on the crazy bone." Gene Fullmer, on the broken bone.

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