Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor

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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor
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Saturday, August 26, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Champion97's picture


This fight is ridiculous, it is a joke, a circus show, but worth the watch, and this is a business, if people pay to watch it, it won't fail.

I think Floyd Mayweather knows this will be an easy fight, I think he will train hard to not only win, not only win easily, but absolutely dominate and stop Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor is a tough, brave respect worthy athlete in the sport of UFC, is UFC as good as boxing?, for me?, no way, is that a matter of opinion?, yes, could a UFC fan just as easily say the opposite?, absolutely, are boxing and UFC similar?, no, not at all, I know little about UFC, but I see little about it which is similar to boxing. I think Conor McGregor is deluded, I think he has absolutely no idea how to box at anything like this level, just as Lomackenko, Crawford, would have no idea how to compete in UFC against an opponent who couldn't beat McGregor.

Conor McGregor is not as capable in boxing as Floyd Mayweather Jr, that is a fact, Conor McGregor has never had a boxing fight in his life, and he is going in there against possibly the best boxer who has ever lived. If Conor McGregor is to win this fight, (and I think it is extremely unlikely, and the chance is atom sized), there will have to be some kind of a factor, will Floyd break his hand?, is McGregor planning to negate Mayweather's vision early and test his willingness to fight with one eye?, maybe with a headbutt?, is he under the impression the referee won't disqalify him if he headbutts him once even if it is enough to half blind Mayweather (he's probably right about that)?, does he really believe he can beat Mayweather purely in boxing, man on form against man on form?, is he that deluded?, the fight may be unusual, it may not be the most professional fight, but it is interesting, and love it or loathe it, you're going to watch it.

I think Conor McGregor has a plan, I think he believes he has underrated boxing ability, but I think his plan might well be to commmit an early foul, a foul which will damage Mayweather, enough to damage Mayweather and get to him for the rest of the fight, but I think he's planning a subtle foul, and only one or two maximum, so that the referee doesn't disqualify him but rather just warn him, he might let it get so far as two points being deducted, because as long as we're talking fairly small, everyday fouls, I think the referee has to warn him formally before he disqualifies him. If my theory is right, then I wonder what he is planning, a headbutt?, or elbow, close one of Mayweather's eyes?, he'd lose a point or maybe even two if he did that (I think he'd be apologetic to Floyd and the referee), maybe he doesn't want to damage Mayweather's eye so that under the strong advice of the ringside doctor, the fight ends. Maybe a kick, or knee, he's an MMA fighter, they can kick as hard as heck, and they can knee hard, maybe he wants to give Mayweather a leg injury which is subtle, not broken, not visibly swollen, but agonising, like the injury David Haye sustained against Tony Bellew, maybe he's planning on manhandling him onto the ropes, tying him up, and pulling one of Mayweather's arms out of it's socket. I definitely think there is a possibility that McGregor is planning on an early, fight changing foul, and I think ultimately, he thinks he's good enough to get the better of a Mayweather who is at a severe disadvantage under boxing rules.

I think McGregor will have a problem when his plan fails, and after this has happened, he's going to have a lot of problems, and he's going to start to take a merciless beating. From McGregor's point of view, his plan could work in his favour, I mean, if McGregor gets Floyd in the injured position he wants to get him in, Floyd can't quit or complain after McGregor has been penalised, I mean maybe he's planning on just prioritising cutting the eyes with punches over quality shots and he believes he can find even that level of accuracy, but whatever he does, he thinks he might be able to get Floyd in the horrible position that Vitali Klitschko was in against Chris Byrd, where if he quits, it is down to an injury not caused by the clean offence of his opponents, but the referee will still deem it an RTD of he does so, maybe McGregor thinks Mayweather will quit, maybe he thinks he will just completely make Mayweather's mentality out of control, make him not half the boxer he is, and do what he thinks he can do, and beat Mayweather. I think McGregor's plan will fail, Mayweather will keep in a position in which, if he tries to headbutt him, it will be an obvious headbutt from long range, I think he'll be prepared for dirty fighting from McGregor, and I think he'll frustrate McGregor by not letting him damage him with anything illegal, and when McGregor realises he has to try box Mayweather boxer on boxer, he'll lose confidence, he'll take any chance he has, even if it is one in a billion, but at this point, and I think around about round 3, he'll feel the power of Floyd Mayweather Jr, and Floyd will completely take over, and make it the expected mismatch.

I think Mayweather will box out of character in this fight, I'm 90% sure he's going for the stoppage. I think Mayweather will have fun in this fight, McGregor is hard as nails, but in boxing you need a different sort of toughness, a different type of durability, and when he's hurt, when he needs the basics of defence, he needs his survival instincts, they won't be there, I think Mayweather will hurt McGregor early, I don't think McGregor would quit if someone paid him £100,000,000,000 to do it, but I think Mayweather will want that, he will torture him, I think Mayweather might well fight dirty, I think he will put on a show for the fans, I think he will show everyone power we haven't seen in years, I'll think we will see a macho Floyd Mayweather Jr, he might give McGregor a free shot or two, see it coming and soak it up like a sponge, but ultimately, I see Mayweather brutally, clinically stopping McGregor, I'm going to predict round 7.

I hope this fight is good, because boxing fans deserve that, I hope Conor McGregor's reputation as a fighter and warrior in his own right is only helped, I hope Mayweather gets more credit than he's ever gotten, so he can enjoy the rest of his retirement, and Conor McGregor goes back to UFC, where his greatness and talent lies, safely, and I think he will. I certainly think Floyd should retire permanently after this fight.

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If Floyd doesn't stop Conor it will look terrible for boxing.

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Second analysis.

I'm interested in this fight, my fascination on McGregor's chances has increased. I believe it is extremely unlikely that McGregor wins this fight, but I'm slightly concerned for Floyd, for mainly the reason that no matter how unlikely McGregor winning is, it isn't impossible, and there is so much at steak here. McGregor is 29, I mean, that is mid prime for a fighter, Floyd, at 41, he is always going to be at a disadvantage, Mayweather giving away reach as well. The age aspect is nothing new, I don't think Floyd has been the younger fighter in a while. The only thing I'm concerned about is McGregor landing with one big shot, because in boxing, anybody can be knocked out, sometimes one shot is all it takes.

I'm probably very paranoid about Mayweather losing this fight, because of how bad for boxing it would be, I hope that the unthinkable doesn't happen, because if it does, then disaster!

I think boxing fans should respect UFC, UFC fans should respect boxing, they should be appreciated on the same level, compared, but UFC is UFC, and boxing is boxing, that is the way it should stay, two different sports, I for one, think I have every right to love one sport, and merely respect but not watch the other.

Interestingly, Ray Mercer, Kimbo Slice, James Toney, Lucas Browne, they are all boxers, and kick boxer, or something similar, Toney and Mercer, are historically great fighters, Mercer was underrated, and these fighters were able to be very good boxers whilst preoccupied with a different sport, but most of these guys did have standard amateur careers, gradual, sensible professional careers, Slice (who sadly passed away last year at the young age of 42, may he rest in peace) was 7-0 in boxing, I think he was predominantly an MMA fighter, but competed as a boxer, whilst Mercer, Toney, Browne, were predominantly boxers, whilst they also competed in other combat sports, so I think the transition from MMA to boxing, would have been something Slice would have known more about. Ray Mercer has said he gives McGregor no chance against Mayweather.

I believe McGregor is the best boxer who has an 0-0 record, amateur or professional, on the planet, he is the most famous fighter in UFC, I think he's the best in that sport, I don't believe McGregor has been boxing for as long as everybody has talked about this fight, I think he's been working on his boxing technique, working the bags, doing pad work, sparring, for years, I think he's done everything but fight officially. I boxed for 4 years, did everything but fight officially, I might go back to boxing, maybe even have a few fights, but I haven't done anything more than shadow box, for a while. If I box in front of the mirror, I can impress people with my hand speed, my footwork is good, my technique, it is clear that I have a fair bit of boxing experience behind me, like McGregor, my amateur record is 0-0, but I know that my record doesn't do me justice, there are guys who have had fights, that I'm confident I could have the beating of, but that only goes so far, and if I was to call out one of the guys I used to sparr, who carried on with boxing, who are probably in the squad, maybe competing for our City, let's say, they have had 30 fights, and I call them out fancying I can beat them, who am I kidding?, I would struggle to believe I could win that. Whilst McGregor knows he has boxed with more interest, realism, motivation, and for longer than people realise, he still has not had an amateur fight, and all the point about McGregor's underrated pre first fight boxing experience proves, is that he is better than some think he is, it doesn't break the barrier between fighting and not fighting, and it doesn't nearly convince me he is in the same class as Mayweather.

Will McGregor's UFC experience help McGregor much? Will it have boosted him as a boxer? Can he use his power as a boxer? Just how much boxing has he done in the past? Has he always had boxing as part of his preparation for his UFC fights? Does McGregor have incredible one punch power?, like Gervonta Davis seems to, like Deontay Wilder, like Earnie Shavers did, like Errol Spence seems to, was that staggering left hand he caught Malignaggi with as good a shot as it looked? What were the circumstances there? Will McGregor's instinct cause his UFC related style tamper with his ability to box? Does McGregor have the basic, defensive instincts to rely on in those seconds when he really needs it? How much will wearing 8oz gloves hold back McGregor and decrease his speed? Does McGregor have the foot speed to get close to Floyd Mayweather? Does McGregor really understand the differences between MMA and boxing?, the differences which aren't as obvious? There are so many questions which add interest to this fight.

I believe McGregor's UFC experience might help him out a little bit, his boosted hand speed, spiteful, hurtful fighting intentions, endurance, ability not to be affected by any facial damage, maybe his ability to use hustle tactics, maybe he will be able to fight dirty and get away with it in order to make the fight suit him more. I don't think McGregor will be great at using his power as a boxer, I've seen him struggle with turning his punches over when he hits the bags, maybe this isn't an issue when he's focused and doesn't want to look like a good boxers until he fights Floyd, but he a boxer who can do well against Mayweather should be well past learning how to turn basic shots over. I don't think McGregor will show himself to be an accurate puncher against Mayweather.

It is unknowable how much boxing experience McGregor has, it is possible he has always used it to help him prepare for UFC, but not something I can say I think is the case or not the case. Malignaggi said he didn't have 'oh my God power', but still was a very heavy handed fighter, I think McGregor is a dangerous puncher, but even without taking his lack of method, experience, technique into consideration, I find it hard to believe that he hits as hard as Adrien Broner, Miguel Berchelt, Mikey Garcia. I think McGregor lost most rounds to a still out of shape, 36 year old Malignaggi, who without any doubt in my mind is still a much better boxer than McGregor, and then when the older fighter tired, he landed with a big left hand, rocked back the head of his sparring partner, it was a great shot, but I think Malignaggi, at 36, can't physically take punishment the way he could have done 4 or more years ago, so McGregor's power shouldn't be compared to other fighters who have hit Malignaggi in the past, and boxers anywhere would make it clear that fighting and sparring are two different things, sparring is one thing, but fighting is another thing entirely. I think when the fight is tentative, about not making a mistake, McGregor's instincts as an MMA fighter will work against him. Mayweather is good at finding gaps in defences, making great fighters look ordinary, nullifying opponents, negating all their strengths, so I think Mayweather will control the pace, make it his kind of fight, capitalised upon even small errors, with ease, early when it is tentative, and I think McGregor not having that boxing experience, coming from a sport, which in this regard, is so different to boxing, as an MMA fighter, McGregor will struggle technically, even more.

I believe when he is hurt, because he hasn't taken the time to devote to boxing because he's been dedicated to a different sport, he won't have adjusted to boxing like experienced or even just professional boxers will have done, the basics, the fundamental defences which he needs, they won't be there, his inexperience will let him down, I think he'll be in more of a position to not see a big shot coming that any of Floyd's previous opponents, and I think, chin down, hands up, everything else, I just think he'll suffer the consequences of not being a real boxer. I don't think McGregor's speed will suffer too much but it isn't going to be what it was when he wore 4oz mitts, I think his foot speed won't prove good enough to get near Floyd. I don't believe McGregor does ultimately understand the more subtle differences between what it is like competing boxing and what it is like competing in MMA.

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I don't really care much about the actual fight, but I'm a bit intrigued on everything surrounding it.
I want to go on record that I wouldn't be surprised if Mayweather gets robbed in this fight. McGregor is the younger fighter and he is able to pull the big numbers Mayweather does. There's a perception that decisions in Big Fights at Las Vegas will tilt towards the most profitable fighter.
I initially dismissed Mayweather's 8oz gloves change as just a promotional tactic. Now I'm starting to believe he really doesn't want to take the chance of letting judges pick the winner.