Emile Griffith vs Luis Rodriguez IV

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Emile Griffith vs Luis Rodriguez IV
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Friday, June 12, 1964
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Official Judging
David Zenoff 70 - 71
Harold Krause 69 - 67
John Romero 70 - 68


Fight Notes: 

"Welterweight champion Emile Griffith won a "squeaker" defense victory over former welter ruler Luis Rodriguez in their electrifying third and decisive title fight. The decisive importance of Friday night's one point penalty against challenger Luis in the 3rd round was reflected in the scoring by the three ring officials at the end of the wild, roughhouse battle. Griffith was stronger in the first three rounds but he seemed to tire somewhat from the 4th through the 7th. Then, there was see-sawing until the 12th when the champion started his closing rally, which fizzled in the 15th, when two officials favored Rodriguez and one called the 15th even." -United Press International

">Referee Krause penalized Rodriguez a point in the 3rd round for low blows and hitting on the break.

Unofficial scorecards:

">UPI - 71-70 RodriguezAP - 72-68 GriffithLas Vegas SUN - 70-68 RodriguezRingside poll of 12 sportswriters had 7 favoring Griffith and 5 favoring Rodriguez");">Attendance: 4,604Gate: $45,295 plus $70,000 in TV moniesPurses: Griffith - $50,000, Rodriguez - $20,000

Post-fight comments:

">"I want a shot at Joey Giardello's middleweight crown because I'm tired of training down to 147. Joey and I could draw an awful lot of money." -Emile Griffith"I won't try to win back that welterweight title because Griffith and his friends have got things too well organized for me to ever win it again." -Luis Rodriguez

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