Donnie Nietes vs Aston Palicte

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Donnie Nietes vs Aston Palicte
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Saturday, September 8, 2018
The Forum, Inglewood, California, USA
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(Vacant) WBO Super Flyweight World Title


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Interesting fight.

Nietes has more experience, much more world level experience, he is a three-time world champion, 3 weight world champion, he has a record of 41-1, I think you could call him a boxing legend, definitely a boxing legend within Asia. Nietes has had over 15 world title fights, and lost none of them, he is undefeated outisde of a 10 round SD against an overweight opponent, and that was in 2004. Nietes does have 4 draws, so he isn't as close to being unblemished as he seems when you see the record, 41-1, but draws are not losses, and most of those draws were before the end of 2005.

Palicte does not come close to matching Nietes for experience, levels, he hasn't had many more than half the fights Nietes has had, he has had Youth title, Oriental title, Pan Pacific title fights, but never a world title fight, he has had title fights, not just 8 and 10 round fights, but he has only had 3 12 round fights, been the full 12 rounds, once. For experience, and levels of competition, there is absolutely no comparison.

Palicte has big advantages, which definitely make the fight interesting, must give him a lot of confidence he can win this. Palicte is 5'7, that is massive for a super flyweight, very tall, his reach is 68, again, a lot for a super flyweight, whilst Nietes, 5'3, much shorter, and his reach, 65-66, significantly shorter arms than Palicte. Nietes has been a world champion at 105, 108, 112, but never at 115, it is not really his weight category, he has never weighed in at 113, nevermind 115, so he is not experienced at 115 at all, he is new to the weight, and he is quite short for the weight, but Palicte, very experienced at 115, 3 of his last 4 fights have been at 115, he has fought at 112 in the past, but he has also been in a few bantamweight contests, he weighed in at 118 in the fight before his last fight, he's been at 116 before at least twice, so Nietes and Palicte, both fought in 3 weight categories so far in their careers, but Palicte has basically just been 2 weights above, because Nietes has competed at 105-112, Palicte, at 112-118. Roman Gonzalez, like Nietes, great at 105, great at 108, great at 112, but when he moved up to 115, he found it was too much, and it ended up going very badly for him, losing in a brutal war, then getting knocked spark out, Palicte doesn't seem to be any Rungvasai, but Nietes, 5'3, same height as Gonzalez, similar weight history, so him moving up to 115 seems risky and probably a bad idea just like it was for Gonzalez. Nietes is very experienced, but with 15 world title wins, 46 fights, has to come age, and Nietes is 36, very old for a flyweight, he might be quite fresh for a 36 year old with 46 fights, because he hasn't lost much at all, don't see confirmation of him being knocked down on Boxrec, he looked great in his last fight, against Reveco, but a fighter of his size, with 46 fights behind him, being 36, has to be well past his best, even without too many miles. Palicte is 27, 9 years younger than Nietes, age, always very important in boxing.

Nietes can punch to a degree, but he isn't really a serious puncher, with a KO ratio of 50%, whilst Palicte has a KO ratio of 77%, which suggests Palicte is the bigger puncher here, it isn't that simple, because knocking out opponents of the level that Palicte has fought, is not the same as knocking out opponents of the level that Nietes has fought, however, you could counter that by saying that in this fight (and we are talking about this fight), because Palicte has the massive weight and size advantage, he is likely to be the one to punch with all his natural power, whereas Nietes, his power will definitely be compromised, and decreased.

Interestingly, not only has Palicte lost more in 26 fights than Nietes has lost in 46, but on Boxrec, there is no record of Nietes being knocked down, whereas Palicte has been dropped at least 3 times, twice in what seems like it was a tough loss, and once in a fight he won. It seems likely that Nietes has the better chin, but at his age, and more so, at this weight, it seems likely that in a case of who is better at inflicting hurtful shots and taking them, the age and size factors will work heavily in Palicte's favour, but still, Nietes seems to have a tough chin, Palicte might be not so solid chin wise, but in terms of who will do damage and hold up against damage from the other guy, it will be a fighter with a tougher chin against a guy with massive age and weight advantages. I think Palicte will be the more dangerous in this fight, no matter how good your chin is, if you fight at too high a weight, when you are past your prime, against a puncher who is so much bigger than you, you probably will get hurt, and a fighter with a suspect chin, is definitely more durable in a fight which he has such age and weight advantages in, because he can soak it up more easily because of his natural size, and the smaller guy won't carry up his power.

There are two very different ways of looking at this fight, it isn't an outright 50/50 fight, it is a fight you can make a strong argument for either guy winning. Experience, levels, very important, age, weight, very important, who will win this fight?, very good question.

I think Palicte will win this, I think although experience wise he does not comapre to Nietes, he has boxed at a high enough level, that immense age and weight advantages, as well as being a puncher, will be enough for him to get the win here, and I think by stoppage as well. I think Nietes will outbox and seem to be a level above Palicte in rounds 3-6, but although he seems to be doing a job on him, he will be working harder than he wants to, the extra weight will work against him, he will be fighting a stronger, younger opponent who can hurt him, and being 36, his recovery won't be great. I think Palicte will take over from round 8 onwards, and at some stage, he will stop Nietes, become a world champion.