Dillian Whyte vs Lucas Browne

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Dillian Whyte vs Lucas Browne
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Saturday, March 24, 2018
O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), Greenwich, London, UK
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WBC Silver Heavyweight Title


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I think this will be a slugfest. If they were the same age, I'd give Browne a very good shot, I might even predict him to win, but he's 38, Whyte is 29, if he will win, he will have to prove to be much, much better than Whyte. Browne can punch, but Whyte is still young, his punch resistance is still there, if he can take all those shots from Joshua, then Browne won't be able to get rid of him. I do think Browne has more skill than Whyte, more variety, more speed, better footwork, but he is 38, he isn't defensively great, he gasses before late, and he isn't even really tv enough more experienced pro, he has had 2 fights more than Whyte, but I don't think he has a great amateur career behind him, and he has been less active than Whyte, he has a only had one fight since March 2016, when he beat Ruslan Chagaev, and Whyte has had 5. I think Whyte might well stop Browne, maybe in 8 rounds, it will be very tough, and if Browne was younger, Whyte might not win it, but Browne is very old, and I think Whyte is good enough to beat most 38 year old fighters, not Wilder, Joshua etc, but if Whyte doesn't win this fight, tough, tough break, in fact, because of the pressure of the time being right, Browne being the former world champion here, not Whyte, Whyte needs this win much more than Browne does, the pressure really is on him.

For what it is worth, Whyte 'hating' Lucas Browne, is not good for him, when it comes to the mental side of boxing, it doesn't give him any kind of advantage, it didn't help him against Chisora, it didn't help him against Joshua, it won't help him in this fight, it might land him in early trouble, it isn't impossible that he could get himself knocked out, older fighters can still punch, and they can think.

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Tale of the tape

Height: 193
Reach: 198
Age: 29
Fights: 23
Wins: 22
Career heaviest weight: 260
Career lightest weight: 227
Year of debut: 2011
Activity rate (2016-present): 6 fights
World title contests: 0
KO percentage: 70
Best win (opinionated): Dereck Chisora (December 2016, SD)
Unbeaten opponents: 4
Opponents with losing records: 7
Amateur record: 6-0

Height: 196
Reach: 196
Age: 38
Fights: 25
Wins: 25
Career heaviest weight: 275
Career lightest weight: 251
Year of debut: 2009
Activity rate (2016-present): 2 fights
World title contests: 1
KO percentage: 88
Best win (opinionated): Ruslan Chagaev (March 2016, TKO 10)
Unbeaten opponents: 2
Opponents with losing records: 8
Amateur record: Unknown

I seriously can't wait for this card, 3 days away! And then 7 days from then until the big one Joshua vs Joseph! But Whyte vs Browne has what should be a excellent undercard and a main event where the winner could be the next mandatory for the winner of Joshua/Parker or even Wilder's next mandatory defense. There are stakes here, Browne is much older and doesn't have near the workrate of Dillian, but it will only take one solid landed right and it's over. Whyte while a warrior, has deficient defense, and not much pop for HW, still I think he has the skill to outbox Browne to a UD as long as he can finish the fight standing. Major clarifications for the HW division, with the winner of this one, and I'm getting antsy. But 3 days out and I've been searching high and low for Sky's start time for the undercard, and still no luck. I'm waiting on Eddie Hearn to reply to my tweet, but he might be busy haha. Do you know what time the broadcast starts Champion97? Anthony Fowler, Chris Kongo, Dereck Chisora, Jamie Cox, Frank Buglioni/Callum Johnson, Lewis Riston/Scotty Cardle & the big main event with world title shot implications Dillian White vs Lucas Browne, I don't want to miss a fight! But I'm 5 hours behind London, so I like to plan ahead early.

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I think Whyte is overrated to be honest, I'm not saying he isn't good, he's certainly great at British level, but I don't think he could do well against Joshua, Wilder, Parker. I think Browne could win this, but he is just too old.

Honest question, do you think Whyte beats Wilder?, whatever the answer is, we buried the hatchet, no beef.

Truax vs DeGale II, who you got?

Before Wilder tested himself versus Ortiz, I would've honestly said Wilder vs Whyte was 50/50. Now, I don't believe Whyte would stand a chance, but it would be a good fight with a lot of hype and another good name to go on Deontay's resume. If maybe Joshua could go on the same card (if he gets by Parker) I know Hearn has been talking Joshua's US debut could be next this Summer and they are seriously considering Big Baby Miller for his opponent. Could you imagine a huge Showtime card probably from New York or Vegas, Deontay Wilder vs Dillian Whyte & Anthony Joshua vs Jarrell Miller to help build up the hype for Joshua vs Wilder if they both pass their tests? Would be perfect, American fans would eat it up! Wilder takes out the UK's "2nd best Brit HW" Joshua takes out America's "2nd best Yank HW" and they're gonna clash next for all the marbles from Wembly Stadium!! Could you imagine, it writes itself millions of dollars to be made for each man. It will be a fantastic night, the atmosphere will be unreal I just hope Eddie spends a little extra and gives us a great undercard because the main event could very well end very quick either way. Of course I'm getting way ahead of himself, AJ has to pass the Parker test and collect his WBO title first. But this fight, along with Brook vs Khan have got to be a promoters dream! Makes me wish I was a promoter haha.

Well honestly, if DeGale actually takes the fight seriously this time and comes in motivated I think he's too good not to nick it 8-4 or something like that. I mean this is the guy who just had one of the fights of the year against Top 5-6 LHW Badou Jack and arguably won, there is no reason he can't beat Truax who had the fight of this life last time. But then again, he might just be a guy who has a style that will always give Chunky a hard night or have his number. But I'd have to put my money on DeGale, I will say though if James heart just isn't in the boxing game anymore, Truax is hungry and could absolutely beat him again, he could be Sor Rungvisai to DeGale's Chocolatito. If DeGale stays busy behind the stick, draws on his pedigree and uses his clearly superior craft he beats Caleb all day to regain his title. But the rematch is in the US, so I wouldn't trust a American commission to give any away fighter a straight down the middle shake, unless Chunky leaves no doubt.

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I think Wilder sparks Whyte in 3, I think Whyte could have a bit of success early, but I think it would be an early night, and Wilder would win big. I don't like that particular idea, because Wilder doesn't want to fight Whyte, and who would be ultimately headlining the event?, but, I think it is a great idea to have Joshua fight in the US, he has talked about fighting in America before. I think they could do a "Double Fight Night" sort of thing, maybe Joshua takes on Miller in his backyard, goes to New York for his US debut, and Wilder headlines a card in Las Vegas, fights maybe Andy Ruiz, Haye/Bellew winner, or maybe the winner of Whyte vs Browne. It would be awesome, you US fans are the best fans in boxing in my opinion, then it is Mexican fans, I would say. I think Hughie Fury is better than Dilian Whyte, but he is not marketable, team Fury would not work with Hearn either.

I wrote a piece about this very topic, maybe you would like to read it, http://eyeonthering.com/forum/why-anthony-joshua-vs-deontay-wilder-possi...

Brook vs Khan would be a great idea, but I'm not sure Khan wants that fight, and more relevantly, the weight, would Khan go up to 154 to fight Brook?, he did go to 155 to fight Canelo but that was stupid and he admits it now. I wonder if Brook and Khan could meet at a catchweight, maybe 151. What annoys me is "lost interest in Brook vs Khan, lost all the hype, not a good fight anymore they are both over the hill and notwhat they once were", yes they are both past their primes, but not much, they are not shot fighters, and mkre importantly, they are BOTH past their best, so they can still give the fans just as entertaining a fight against each other as they could have in their younger days I would say. I think Kell Brook can win the WBO title if he fights Ali or Smith, but I don't think he'd beat Charlo or Hurd, as for Khan, I don't think he beats any champion at 147, his best chance of a title would be Thurman or Spence moving up to 154 and vacating, so he takes on a steady away but beatable mandatory for a vacant title.

I don't agree I don't think, but I can easily see that, and everything besides their first fight, only one fight, suggests what you say is right. I think Truax might be mentally stronger, better prepared now than he ever was before, and DeGale, well mentally, as you said, you can ask questions, also, I think his problem was draining himself, I mean, he hasn't had a fight which isn't gruelling, where he loses 4-7 rounds, since he blasted out Periban in 3 rounds on the undercard of Bellew vs Cleverly II. I just think it will be more aboit timing, mentality, preparations, issues, more than talent and potential at this stage, I would not be at all surprised if DeGale won back his title, but I'm leaning towards Truax by close decision, I think maybe an SD.