Devon Alexander vs Victor Ortiz

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Devon Alexander vs Victor Ortiz
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Saturday, February 17, 2018
The Don Haskins Center, El Paso, Texas, USA
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I like this match up, I think it is very interesting, people associate disappointing fights with fighters who are past prime, but really, what is more the case is that it is a past prime fighter fighting a young unbeaten fighter who is aiming to make a statement, and in fact, when two fighters are in the same position, and this can apply to quite old fighters, against each other, they they can put up a really great effort, have a really competitive fight, one of them can get a hard earned, well fought victory. I think this will be a good fight.

I think this is a 50/50 fight. Alexander and Ortiz are both 30, they have both been world champions, Alexander, a multi belt champion, he has also more notable wins on his record, Victor Ortiz beat Andre Berto, but Devon Alexander is a two time world champion, and he has defeated Juan Urango, Marcos Maidana, Lucas Matthysse, these are probably the main reasons he is the favourite in this fight.

Alexander and Ortiz have both lost to great fighters, the minority of the 10 losses between them aren't to great fighters, Ortiz, defeated, by Floyd Mayweather Jr, Marcos Maidana, Alexander, defeated, by Amir Khan, Shawn Porter. The scenario for Alexander is similar to the scenario for his opponent, both these fighters, losing a fight they should win, or being stopped in very disappointing form, and also toll taking, both these fighters, out of the ring for a while, and then returning, defeating a half decent opponent, they each have a single victory since returning from their last defeats. Devon Alexander lost to Aaron Martinez in October 2015, Victor Ortiz was stopped by rival Andre Berto in round 4, 6 months later, the finish made many question Ortiz's heart, desire, most probably believed Ortiz was about to retire, however, he returned after 15 months out, stopping Saul Corral in 4 rounds, 4 months later, Devon Alexander defeated Walter Castillo by an extremely wide, shutout unanimous decision.

Victor Ortiz has had 40 professional fights, Devon Alexander has had 31, he is the more overall experienced professional fighter, both fighters had great amateur careers, I think Alexander's better, his record, 300-10, there are reasons why Ortiz may have the extra experience, there are also reasons why Alexander may have the extra experience, there are reasons to suggest Alexander has fought at the higher level in his career overall, it seems Ortiz is the harder puncher, Ortiz has looked more vulnerable in defeat, time and time again, he's been stopped 5 times, he's had his jaw broken, he's been flattened, Mayweather and Collazo both knocked him right out, Maidana, Berto, seeming to beat away his motivation, discourage him, which is sad to see, and it is bound to take a mental toll on a fighter. Alexander has suffered with a painkiller addiction, probably hampering fighting opportunities, I believe hand issues were his reason for taking the painkillers which he became addicted to, I think the time his addiction was a major problem, may have been around the time he lost to Martinez. Alexander has never been stopped, and he has some great victories, I haven't seen the Martinez fight, but against Porter, Khan I thought he lost 23/24 rounds, they were tough, one sided losses.

Based on the lows of their careers, I think Ortiz is less durable, has more mental issues which challenge him when he has pressure piled on him, he has a lower achieving career to decline from, but Alexander has been slightly less active over the past 3 years, in terms of round duration, having success, I think in defeat, he's looked worse than Ortiz.

I think Victor Ortiz will win this fight, his biggest problem is being under pressure, hit with big shots, Luis Collazo, Andre Berto, Floyd Mayweather, all bigger punchers than Devon Alexander
Alexander will probably be in shape, prepared, determined, this is make or break as it is for his opponent, his career is at stake. Alexander is still skilled, tough, fast, sharp, but whenever his opponent manages to find the right range, (and I'm not sure how much Alexander can do to make the right adjustment) and the fighters stand and trade in firey exchanges, Alexander tries to land a good shot, he might, but he always takes more shots, heavier shots, he is easy to hit in exchanges. I think when Ortiz and Alexander open up, exchange, Ortiz will find easy openings, catch Alexander clean with solid shots, with Alexander unable to respond with good enough punches. Alexander could well win this fight, speed stings, Alexander moves well, when he moves his feet, controls the range, dips the knees and makes it harder for his opponent to tag him, he's a nightmare for anyone, he will be confident he can break Ortiz down, it could happen, but I think Ortiz will win this by unanimous decision, maybe close (94-96) on all three cards.

I think whoever loses this fight should retire, the winner may have one last opportunity ahead of him.

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Tale of the tape

Height: 174
Reach: 175
Age: 31
Career heaviest weight: 155
Career lightest weight: 137
Fights: 31
Wins: 27
KO percentage: 45
World title contests: 7
Unbeaten opponents: 1
Opponents with losing records: 5
Best win (opinionated): Marcos Maidana (February 2012)
Activity rate (2016-present): 1 fight
Amateur record: 300-10
Amateur CV: Alexander didn't make the 2004 Olympics, but did compete in the trials. Alexander was the 2003 USA light welterweight amateur champion.
Year of professional debut: 2004

Height: 175
Reach: 178
Age: 31
Career heaviest weight: 150
Career heaviest weight: 132
Fights: 40
Wins: 32
KO percentage: 63
World title contests: 2
Unbeaten opponents: 3
Opponents with losing records: 4
Best win (opinionated): Andre Berto (April 2011)
Activity rate (2016-present): 2 fights
Amateur record: Unknown
Amateur CV: Although Ortiz did not get through to the Olympics, he did compete in the 2004 Olympic trails. Ortiz won a Junior Olympics tournament in 2003.
Year of professional debut: 2004

Best opponents between them
1. Floyd Mayweather Jr (Ortiz lost, KO 4)
2. Shawn Porter (Alexander lost, UD)
3. Amir Khan (Alexander lost, UD)
4. Marcos Maidana (Alexander won, UD. Ortiz lost, TKO 6)
5. Tim Bradley (Alexander lost, TD)
6. Lucas Matthysse (Alexander won, SD)
7. Lamont Peterson (Ortiz drew with Peterson, MD)
8. Andre Berto (Ortiz won, UD. Ortiz lost, TKO 4)
9. Josesito Lopez (Ortiz lost, TKO 9)
10. Luis Collazo (Ortiz lost, KO 2)
11. Juan Urango (Alexander won, TKO 8)
12. Andriy Kotelnik (Alexander won, UD)
13. Nate Campbell (Ortiz won, UD)
14. Antonio Diaz (Ortiz won, TKO 7)
15. Jesus Soto Karass (Alexander won, UD)