Dereck Chisora vs David Price

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Dereck Chisora vs David Price
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Saturday, October 26, 2019
O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, UK
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Price hits harder, it's the attribute he's known for, Chisora can punch, he knocked Takam out, but I think his aggressive style makes him look like more of a puncher than he is. I think there is a big difference in power, I think Price is one of the hardest punchers in boxing.

Price was a better amateur, Olympic bronze medallist, was in 2 world tournaments, fought Cammarelle, Stiverne, Helenius. I think Price was a better prospect than Chisora, he was considered to be a good rival for Fury, after Fury beat Chisora by a wide UD.

Chisora has the better chin, no doubt, he has been down 3 times in 40 fights, Price has been down 5 times in 31 fights, Chisora has been stopped 3 times, Price, 6 times.

Price's size gives him a certain level of strength, but I don't think he's strong for his size. Chisora is very strong, great at bullying his opponent. For height and reach, there is no comparison, but both weighed in at 257 in their last fights, I think Price will out weigh Chisora by 6-10lbs in this fight, but there isn't a big size difference, and Chisora is possibly stronger.

Price has been known to gas, but in his last fight, he went 10 rounds, stopped Allen, he was supposed to gas in 4-6 rounds, he did not, the pace was slow, but Price, in round 10, picked up his aggression and output, showed vast stamina improvement. It is possible Price tiring in fights is more about burning up nervous energy than weak stamina, and based on his last fight, Price doesn't have bad stamina.

I think Price is at his best at 36, he was better than ever against Allen, didn't tire, used his reach far better than he has before. Chisora is slightly younger, has been dropped and stopped fewer times, but I think he's been in the same amount of damaging fights, and although Price has been brutally finished, so has Chisora, and although Price has been hurt more, he hasn't taken anywhere near as many clean punches in his career, Chisora knocked Takam out, but for 7 rounds, he took a high number of clean power shots, in every single round, and for 12 rounds, he went to war with Whyte. Chisora has more losses, he's lost a lot more rounds in his career, having a better chin doesn't necessarily age a fighter better. I think Chisora has more miles, and I think Price has aged better.

Chisora is more experienced, has the pedigree as a professional, Price fought Povetkin, but Chisora fought Fury and Klitschko. Price hasn't been 12 rounds, Chisora has, 8 times, so if this fight goes past 10, that's likely to favour Chisora. Price has been 10 rounds twice in his career, he proved against Allen, he can do 10 rounds and pick it up at the end, but Chisora will force the pace more than Allen, so it is a bigger ask, especially if it goes past 10.

Chisora might be shot, maybe not, but after the KO against Whyte, I think he is, he was in a stinker against Gashi, and against Szpilka, before the KO, he took a couple of clean shots, and they didn't bounce off his head like they would have done before, and he got knocked back slightly, it is not much to go on, it does not prove Chisora is shot, and I wouldn't be surprised if Chisora proved me wrong.

Chisora is better on the inside, Price is better on the outside, so range could be key. If Price uses his jab well, that's a problem for Chisora, he doesn't deal well with the jab, he'll try to make it his fight, but if he is kept at range, he'll struggle to get to Price and force the pace, because he can't negate a solid jab.

Price has done damage to body in his last 2 fights, he is a good body puncher, but he's nowhere near as good a body puncher as Chisora. Short fighters are wise to use body shots to break a tall fighter down, and Chisora has always done that well, Price is very tall, and I don't think he's good at blocking body shots, doesn't tie up to stop his opponent working on the inside, he is easy to hit clean to the body, if Price isn't keeping you at the range he wants, so if Price doesn't control the distance, doesn't dictate with his jab, the body shots are there for Chisora.

I think the game plan for Price should be similar to the plan against Allen, use the jab to control the distance and set up the right hand, be patient, feint, counter with the right hand if the opponent backs up at all and steps off the gas, and when he tries to slip the jab or roll under the left hook, make him fall onto the uppercut, I think it will simply be more of a challenge for Price to apply these tactics against Chisora, because unlike Allen, Chisora is consistent, he doesn't have that sparring partner mentality, he will apply more pressure, will be able to cut off the ring a lot better.

Chisora has to patient, he can't afford to back up, but he can't get reckless, rush in, because either way, he will get caught and possibly hurt. Head movement is important for Chisora, he's never been able to cut that distance like Tyson, Frazier, but he can still break down the reach and land to the body, and he can land the counter overhand if Price throws a lazy jab. It is important for Chisora to make Price work, keep him moving, cut off the ring, and if Price's back touches the ropes, Chisora has to for it, and to smother Price's shots so he can't counter, like he did in the Whyte rematch, Chisora can do a lot of damage by landing hooks to the body at close quarters. Price's right uppercut is underrated, we've seen it in his last 3 fights, Chisora can't get hit clean with that shot, and the key for him is not to step to his left, because if he does that, and Price times him, he moves into the uppercut.

I think Price wins this, and I think so because I think he can control the majority the fight with his jab, and he can hurt Chisora, discourage and limit him from doing what he needs to do to win, he won't abandon his jab like Whyte did in the rematch, let Chisora smother him on the inside and out work him, I think he'll control the distance, break Chisora's rhythm with the jab, he'll be patient, happy to nick rounds, but he will land the right hand whenever Chisora relents, and he land the counter right uppercut and hurt Chisora when the shot is there.

I think this fight will be competitive, if Chisora hurts Price, it will be interesting, because I think Price will use better survival skill than before if needed, but when Price gets caught clean, he loses more often than wins, which is 1 of the reasons Chisora is the favourite. I think there will be a few swings in momentum, both will be hurt, Chisora will have a couple of very good rounds, and he will hurt Price at least once, but Price will be the more intelligent fighter, do the real damage, and I think once Chisora is hurt, Price will take the gamble, almost empty his tank, but he'll stop Chisora, and it will be a risk worth taking. I think Chisora's punch resistance is weaker than it's ever been, he's slower, his reflexes are poor, which means he is less likely to hold up when he gets caught clean, it will be harder for him to be consistent and keep Price working, and he will be easier to counter.

I think Price stops Chisora in 7.

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According to Hearn, Price had already been training for a fight in early/mid November, and had more like a 4 week notice. So it should work out to a 6 week camp for Pricey. Here's the interview where I got this info if you don't like Eddie's banter start the video at the 9:50 mark, that's when he starts discussing Chisora vs Price.

Good write up so far Champ, I look for Pricey to continue to build on his last performance and beat Chisora by a wide points decision. As long as David stays relaxed and doesn't push for a KO instead of letting it come to him naturally I don't think there are many HW's that can defeat Dave at this tier level.

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I know he had a fight planned for November, but I didn't know how long he'd been training, 6 weeks is probably just about enough, but it depends on how much Price has lived the life since the Allen fight, if he's not in much worse shape than then, he has enough time.

Thanks man, I appreciate you talking to me, life's too short for grudges. Do you want to be in the prediction competition this month? You are 1 fight behind, but there is not much in it at this stage, most of us only have 2 points.

It's hard to know what to make of Price, because he has the skills, power, and he trains hard, proved he was a 10 round fighter against Allen, but in the past, he has neglected his skilset, not used his reach, he's gassed after 4-6 rounds, and when he's been hurt, I don't think he lacks heart or quit against Thompson or Hammer, but he goes into the wilderness every time he gets hurt, has no survival skill, and becomes a very easy target. I wonder how much of Price tiring in the past was down to burning up nervous energy, because it's always seemed strange that an active fighter who keeps coming back from getting stopped doesn't have a gas tank, but against Allen, he proved us all wrong, showed stamina, skills, and tactical dicipline we haven't seen before, it's a pity it's taken this long, but I think Price has peaked at 36, just shows how much better heavyweights age than small fighters.

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Sure sounds good, I'll give it a look. I'm just not very good at remembering to get picks in.

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I'm looking for the October fights now, where do I find them?

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Just here, all the months are built into the same post.

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Hearing that Chisora is going to corner himself for this fight. Doesn't seem like that will go well, given his history of being aloof at times, and lacking drive. Should put more stock in Pricey's chances for sure.

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Let's hope Price does it, he is an inspiration, kept at it, we all thought he was done after the Povetkin fight, all worried about his health, and people mock him, no chin, gasses etc, but he has peaked at 36, he didn't only prove us all wrong against Allen, but it was an easy fight, wasn't a much more competitive fight than Ortiz vs Allen.