Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz

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Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz
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Saturday, March 3, 2018
Barclay's Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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WBC Heavyweight World Title


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My prediction for this fight is the same as it was for the first time they were scheduled to meet. Luis Ortiz is a good combination puncher, fast hands, he can punch, he's accurate, good amateur experience as well, he's been good enough to make easy work of Monte Barrett, Tony Thompson, he beat Bryant Jennings, but he is old, I thought he looked awful against Malik Scott, I think he is a fighter who will weaken when things go against him, only, nobody has been able to stop him having everything his own way. I think Wilder is in his prime, he isn't young, the clock is ticking, but he has a few more fights I think before we see him decline, he certainly has the age advantage in this fight, he's the biggest puncher in the sport, he can counter punch, he's a deadly finisher, he has had a lot more fights than Ortiz, he has been more consistent, active as well, he's taller, I think Ortiz is in a world of trouble here.

I think Ortiz will look wiley early, he'll throw all the shots, maybe stop Wilder in his tracks once or twice, but Wilder will land with maybe only a single counter shot, and as soon as he lands anything clean, has any success, Ortiz's demena will change, his work rate will decrease, he'll begin to back Peddle, I think he'll do a short lived but good job of making for a tricky target, but Wilder won't be easily discouraged when he has discovered he can hurt Ortiz with ease, he'll be patient, but Wilder will know it his fight, at a point when the fight looks closer than it is.

I think there will be nothing in it after 3 rounds, either could be just up in the fight, but before round 4 is complete, Ortiz will wind up on his back, hopefully, probably, he will be OK, he will be able to walk out of the ring, his safety in tact.

I think Ortiz will retire after this fight, Wilder, well I don't know, the Joshua fight isn't going to happen this year I don't think, Parker is underrated, he'll push Joshua hard, it will be a great fight, there will probably be a rematch, there will certainly be an immediate rematch if Parker wins, it is far more likely than Ortiz beating Wilder!

I think Wilder will have to throw the ball into Hearn and Joshua's court, we all want to see that fight, if it doesn't happen next year, I think Wilder might as well let the ship sail away, it is tough for him, you have to balance out financial stability, standing up for yourself, doing yourself justice, making your case, but also, compromising, being realistic, and with the publicity Joshua has generated, two belts as well, Hearn being such a good businessman, Wilder will not get anywhere demanding 50%, I think he is entitled to 40%, maybe he will get that, but the fight between Wilder and Joshua could be absolutely incredible, like Joshua vs Klitschko was, but even better, it would be a shame if the fight ended up not happening, it should take place, but the two sides have to come to an agreement. I think Wilder needs the fight more than Joshua does, that should be motivation for him to agree to be on the lower earning end of the money, in that fight, on the bright side, 40%, which I think is realistic, that will be a massive payday, if the fight is made, then it will be great for boxing.