Denis Lebedev vs Guillermo Jones

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Denis Lebedev vs Guillermo Jones
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Friday, May 17, 2013
Crocus City Hall, Myakinino, Russia
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WBA Cruiserweight World Title
Stanley Christodoulou

Official Judging
Guiseppe Quartarone 96 - 94
Oliver Brien 97 - 93
Leszek Jankowiak 96 - 94


At age 41, using reach advantage, WBA World Cruiserweight champion Guillermo Jones landed long right hand leads out of range and busted up, cut up and closed the right eye of 'the other' WBA World Cruiserweight champion Denis Lebedev in the first round to seize the tempo of the bout immediately. Jones pummeled southpaw Lebedev with powerful right uppercuts which did major damage to Lebedev inside. The ring appeared very large, and Jones wasted to time with hand speed, foot movement, coming forward with pressure. Jones worked from the outside patiently, settling the issue of who the true WBA champion was, turning Lebedev's face into a cruel caricature of himself. Lebedev got beaten senselessly while trying to survive with one eye. Lebedev countered by throwing and landing a ton of shots which by punch volume scored.

Lebedev was ahead on the cards at the time the bout ended. Nothing Lebedev threw bothered Jones in the slightest. Jones walked through Lebedev's power shots, and continued to target Lebedev's eye. Jones continued landing power rights on Lebedev's blind side, who continued coming forward and took a brutal beating on his right eye. The eye damage sustained by Lebedev was horrible. To the protect the fighter, the fight should have been stopped early, and would have been anywhere else. The Russian Boxing Federation would not allow the bout to be stopped despite the disfiguring right eye injury to Lebedev, which got uglier with each passing round.

Jones did not want the bout to go to a decision and the Russians did. Jones attacked both of Lebedev's eyes with short power shots. Lebedev was now bleeding from the corner of his left eye as well. Finally, in round eleven, with Lebedev's right eye having sustained permanent damage to the extent he might not allowed to fight again for medical reasons, Jones landed a left hook to the right eye of Lebedev which doubled him over, then followed with a power right hook which sent Lebedev face first to the canvas knocked out, where referee Stanley Christodoulou counted him out at 1:54. Jones, 39-3-2, 31 knockouts, Colon, Panama, a Don King fighter, settled the issue of who the true World Boxing Association World Cruiserweight champion was. Lebedev fell to 25-2, 19 knockouts, Chekhov, Russia. First time in WBA history two recognized defending WBA World Cruiserweight champions stepped into the ring to face each other. Don King was in the ring after the bout.

Before this bout, Guillermo Jones was declared 'champion in recess'. The A-sample of Jones tested positive for a banned substance. The B-sample was later tested and supported the A-sample finding. The win stands, but Jones was stripped of the WBA belt subsequently.

After being tested positive, the WBA reinstalled Jones as 'champion in recess'. Within 2013, the sanctioning body ordered Lebedev to make a mandatory defense against Jones. After a longer negotiation period, the bout was planned for the 25th April 2014, in Moscow, Russia.

Five days prior to the fight, the swiss anti doping laboratory 'Laboratoire suisse d'Analyse du Dopage' (LAD) took samples of both fighters. At the day of the fight, it was announced that Jones A-sample was tested positive for the banned substance Furosemide. Forusemide could be used as masking agent for other substance (f.e. steroids), therefore it is included on banned drug lists, like other diuretica.

With the finding, that Jones was tested positive for the same substance he was tested for after the first fight, the planned rematch was cancelled.

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