Demetrius Andrade vs Walter Kautondokwa

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Demetrius Andrade vs Walter Kautondokwa
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Saturday, October 20, 2018
TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Vacant WBO Middleweight World Title


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Gold's picture

For the vacant WBO interim title, Saunders won't be stripped at least until he goes through the appeal process according to Valcarcel.

Champion97's picture

In my opinion, it should be the other way around, I am disappointed we won't see the fight, but Saunders should lose his belt 100%

Gold's picture

Well, we will see what comes of the appeal

SalTnutZ1's picture … RBR starts on page 7, post 96, posted at 1:42pm today. From BJS hearing today; courtesy of Matchroom, thanks again buddy.

Champion97's picture

Sorry what am I looking at?

SalTnutZ1's picture

A moderator from Boxing 24 was at the BJS hearing, and took down what the panel, and defense for BJS said, and how the ruling played out. The page and comment number were there to let you know where to look, should you be interested in how the Mass. commission saw it.

Champion97's picture


What do you make of Fielding vs Alvarez?

SalTnutZ1's picture

Honestly, I don't think Canelo is big enough for 168 in the long run, but if he wanted to take a fight there for a "belt", this is the one to go for, and may have been an easier fight than Lemieux in some ways, if his goal is to maximize his money/stock in a stay busy fight, while taking the least amount of damage. Fielding is very much the naturally bigger man, so he's got that and likely power enough to be respected, but I think Canelo just has too many tools, and unless he's knocked out, I'm just going to assume Canelo will get every benefit of the doubt on judging for now, I'm totally not still a little bitter, lol.

Champion97's picture

Haha, I'm gutted for Golovkin, we are all bitter.

I don't think it will be easier than the Lemieux fight would have been.

What do you think of 3 months as an amount of time between the fight Alvarez had against Golovkin, and Fielding?

I agree, it is just calibre, Alvarez is just too good, I don't think it would be close or go the distance if they were the same size, and Alvarez had 6 months between fights, and I think despite the factors of Alvarez coming back too soon, and the size aspect, Alvarez will still win because he is the better fighter, but I think Fielding has a good chance.

Matchroom's picture

No problem my friend, was really looking forward to this fight, even though Saunders B sample taken the same time as the A sample was came back negative the MASS commission didn't care and apparetly already had their minds made up. Apparently the mod who made his way into the hearing said BJS was on the phone on speaker, and asked what happened. When he rep speaking on his behalf tells him "you've been denied licensing Bill" Saunders goes off before the rep can take him off speaker and tells the hearing committee to suck his you know what. I couldn't believe it, that should really play well during his appeal process to keep his WBO title lol.

Champion97's picture


This should be the for the WBO title, Saunders should not have the belt anymore, it should be taken from him and made vacant. Tough break for Andrade, not his fault Saunders failed the drug test, but Saunders gets to sit on his lazy backside as the champion, and Andrade can't fight for the title.

Andrade, still, Saunders or no Saunders, is coming off 12 months out, it is his second fight at middleweight since 2012, I think he is fighting an easier opponent, but he is also fighting an opponent he has seen less of, knows less about.

Walter Kautondokwa is unknown, untested, and he is not young, he is ranked high, but I don't think that means much. Kautondokwa is a late notice opponent, but hopefully, he has been in the gym for a while, has been training on off the chance he could get an opportunity like this, and he will show up prepared physically and tactically. Kautondokwa is not old, he is undefeated, has had a fair few fights, 94% KOs, he fought 3 times in 2017, has had a fight this year, so he might be a good fighter who hasn't had the chance to prove it yet. Kautondokwa has had 6 title fights, all of them African title fights, he is a title fighter, and he has not been occupued at the level he has been fighting at, seems to have had an easy career, but African title level to world title level, that is one hell of a leap up, and it seems likely, good fighter or not, he doesn't have the experience to do well against Andrade.

In terms of resume, experience, in terms of fights, rounds, and levels, you have to say Andrade should be a heavy favourite. Being older, and having less experience, is a bad combination for Kautondokwa. It is likely Kautondokwa is the puncher in this fight, the difference in level of opposition makes his KO less important, but still, 94% is a lot, and African title level is still competing for a continent.

I think Andrade wins this by a wide UD, I won't be shocked if he stops Kautondokwa, but I think this will go the distance. I think this will be a shutout.

SalTnutZ1's picture

Any word if this fight is still on DAZN?

Matchroom's picture

I tweeted Dazn & Hearn with no reply, but it's not on the schedule of DAZN any longer. Now they might just be waiting till 7 days out or Oct 13th like has been the case so far for new events to show. But I'm pretty certain Saundervs vs Andrade was already a advertised event on DAZN, then disappeared.