David Lemieux vs Fernando Guerrero

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David Lemieux vs Fernando Guerrero
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Saturday, May 24, 2014
Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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NABF Middleweight Title
Michael Griffin


David Lemieux 31-2 (29 KOs) vs. Fernando Guerrero
Preliminary bout to the main event for Adonis Stevenson vs. Andrzej Fonfara.
Lemieux entered ranked as the number eight middleweight contender by the IBF.
Lemieux weighed 176 pounds on fight night, while Guerrero entered the ring at 166 pounds.
Lemieux indicated after the bout interest in fighting the winner of a Peter Quillin versus Daniel Jacobs WBO World Middleweight title bout.
Guerrero went down midway through the opening round from what appeared to be a left hand, ruled to be a slip. Despite that, he was visibly hurt and retreated and covered, before Lemieux connected with a big left hand that sent Guerrero to all fours. He got to a knee quickly and rose to his feet at the count of eight. Guerrero was sent to a knee in the final seconds of Round 2 from a right hand and again got up at the count of eight. By the end of the round, he was bleeding heavily from a cut to his right eyelid. In round three, Guerrero was sent to a knee and was struggling with the cut. The referee, without beginning a count, paused the action to allow the ringside physician to view the cut. Guerrero indicated he could continue. Lemieux came forward and threw a barrage capped with a big right uppercut which floored Guerrero a fourth time. Guerrero got to a knee but remained there, bleeding heavily, as referee Michael Griffin finally reached the count of ten.

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