Danny Garcia vs Brandon Rios

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Danny Garcia vs Brandon Rios
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Saturday, February 17, 2018
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Eliminator for the WBC Welterweight World Title


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I think this is a very good match up.
I've been suggesting this as a good potential fight, for years.

This is an interesting one, it also has the makings of an action packed fight, which gives it entertainment value.
I would like to say this is a 50/50 fight, I'm wouldn't say it is, but both these guys I think really want to win, both have trained very hard, both have made weight, both these guys are former world champions, both warriors who have proven in the past that they can fight, by that logic, either fighter can win.

Garcia is the heavy favourite, and that is understandable I think even for the hardcore Rios fans. Garcia, for three reasons, is the fighter I predict to win.
- Garcia is 2 years younger than Rios
- Neither of these guys are real welterweights, but Rios less so, Garcia was a world champion, at 140, Rios, at 135, Rios has competed at 130 before, and when he's competed at 147 in the past, he hasn't carried the extra weight so well, Garcia's career lightest weight, is 12 lbs more than Rios's career lightest weight
- I just think in terms of talent, calibre, Garcia is just a notch up from Rios, Rios has been thoroughly beaten a couple of times, defeated anyhow, a few times, Garcia, only defeated once, in a close fight, and Garcia, with more world title wins, and really the better victories I think

Rios has got a shot at this, he is an underdog, but there is a chance that he wants to win this fight, ever so slightly more than Garcia does, that may not be the case, but we do not know what defeat to Thurman has done to Garcia's desire and confidence. Rios has been extremely motivated, determined to accomplish in boxing, for a couple of years. Garcia coming off the longer break than Rios, it has been 11 months since he lost to Keith Thurman, Rios, last fought 8 months ago, a good, solid win against a tough Mexican, he stopped his opponent in 7 rounds, it wasn't the best performance, but it was a good way to get rid of some ring rust.

I do not think Rios is as faded as people think, in fact, I don't want to say he is even past his best at all, if is hard to deny he might be, because of the tough losses to Pacquiao, Bradley, Alvarado, but I don't think they took as much out of him as some people think, and although he is not a true welterweight, and he never will be, he is fantastic shape, he has been training for a long time, he has never trained this hard in his life, he used to cut corners when he was a younger fighter, he doesn't do that now, and at 31, not 35, he might still have a little bit left in the tank, because maturity, desire, experience, sometimes, can help fighters in their early thirties to box well in tough fights, and hold up the point when age becomes a serious issue.

I'd say Rios has maybe a 15% chance of pulling this out, I wish him the best of luck, he is a threat, but to win, I just think he needs a troubled Garcia in the ring, maybe he needs Garcia to be confronted by psychological struggles in the ring, if this is case, he is certainly not out of this fight, and interestingly, team Garcia, are definitely underestimating Rios, I wonder how that could cost them.

I think if Garcia is still part of the top 5 in the 147 lb division, he has to win this fight, it certainly wouldn't be bad for him to win well, but winning is important, the pressure is on him here, we are expecting him deliver, but Rios won't be easy.

I think both guys will try to claim centre ring, early, meet in the middle, trade in close. Rios is going to want to stamp some authority as the boss in there, early, and I think he might edge out the first couple of rounds, that overhand right I can see landing cleanly a couple of times, Garcia as well, often a slow starter, he often doesn't begin fights with the work rate, movement, speed.

I think through rounds 3-6, Garcia will begin to time Rios, land on the counter, but still, outworked. I think the pace will only get higher through the early mid rounds, and it will be taxing for both fighters.

I think Garcia will look to be taking over in round 7, having chopped away at the body with some nasty hooks, ready to push back a tiring Rios. I think Rios will come out in the next round, seem maybe to hurt Garcia slightly, but running a mile just to win a round, and Garcia, happy to let Rios fatigue himself. I think Garcia will put Rios on the deck in the next round, with a fantastic set up, and a great counter, Rios will get up, but Garcia will nail him with a series of clean, flush, unanswered blows in the following up, prompting the referee to call a halt to the bout.

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Tale of the tape

Height: 174
Reach: 174
Age: 29
Career heaviest weight: 147
Career lightest weight: 139
Fights: 34
Wins: 33
Year of debut: 2007
Activity rate (2016-present): 3 fights
Best win (opinionated): Lucas Matthysse (September 2013, UD)
World title contests: 8
KO percentage: 56
Amateur record: 120 bouts
Decision wins: 14
Disputed decision wins: 4

Height: 173
Reach: 173
Age: 31
Career heaviest weight: 147
Career lightest weight: 127
Fights: 38
Wins: 34
Year of debut: 2004
Activity rate (2016-present): 1 fight
Best win (opinionated): Richard Abril (April 2012, SD)
World title contests: 3
KO percentage: 66
Amateur record: 375 bouts
Decision wins: 7
Disputed decision wins: 3

Best opponents between them (opinionated).

1. Keith Thurman (Garcia lost, SD)
2. Manny Pacquiao (Rios lost, UD)
3. Richard Abril (Rios won, SD)
4. Amir Khan (Garcia won, TKO 4)
5. Tim Bradley (Rios lost, TKO 9)
6. Lucas Matthysse (Garcia won, UD)
7. Diego Chaves (Rios won, Dq)
8. Miguel Acosta (Rios won, TKO 10)
9. Lamont Peterson (Garcia won, MD)
10. Robert Guerrero (Garcia won, UD)

Champion97's picture


Errol Spence Jr - Garcia
Omar Figueroa Jr - Garcia
Abel Sanchez - Garcia
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad - Garcia
Keandre Gibson - Garcia
Badou Jack - Garcia
Amer Abdallah - Garcia
Dan Wettlauffer - Garcia
Angelo Reyes - Garcia
J'Leon Love - Garcia
Kevin Lee - Garcia
Jessie Vargas - Rios
Dewey Cooper - Garcia
Brandon Krause - Garcia
Joel Diaz - Garcia
Anthony Peterson - Rios
Kenny Porter - Garcia
Shawn Porter - Garcia
Kevin Kelley - Garcia
Keith Thurman - Garcia

Garcia: 18
Rios: 2