Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce

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Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce
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Sunday, July 11, 2021
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charliemason's picture

Very good fight this one, perfect opponent for both if they are serious about dismantling the top 3-4 in boxing. Also, hard to predict this one as I highly doubt either fighter has been dropped, and they have both shown to have very solid chins and both probably share similar power levels, SO FAR. Skill wise, I think Joyce is too predictable and slow for this level, whereas Dubois has more of a complete arsenal in his punch variety. However, in terms of stamina I’m not sure if I’m convinced by Dubois. Again, this is a really unpredictable fight but I think Dubois will be too fast and too complete for Joyce and about the 7-8 round, Dubois will land a series of shots on Joyce causing enough damage for the referee to TKO the fight. Really looking forward to this one!

Jarod Killian's picture

flip a coin. 50/50 fight imho

Credit where it's due, this is a risky fight for both of them and it's always great to see two contenders put their 0 on the line. Granted, at Joyce's age he needs to move quick anyway.

Personally I think Dubois has a fair bit more power than Joyce.

Definitely hard to predict. If I were Joyce, I'd just try to keep my nose out of trouble for the first half of the fight. I agree with champ, we need to see more of Dubois in later rounds. We've seen heavyweights bomb people out before and come unstuck when they can't judge the distance. Joyce likes to beat people by accumulation and I think this is the way for him to go. What's particularly interesting to see is what Joyce looks in a fight where he's underdog. I've got the feeling so far he's not been tested, knows he won't be tested and therefore not had to maximise his performance. This time, he knows he'll get knocked out if he doesn't bring his best.

If I had to stick my neck out I'd say Dubois will land a big shot and win by KO but I can't say that with any confidence.

Champion97's picture


Out of all the heavyweight prospects, I'm most impressed by Dubois, he has been impressive throughout his career so far, the Gorman fight was supposed to be a 50/50 fight, it was another easy fight for Dubois. I'm not impressed by Joyce, he fought Jennings in his last fight, got his best win and probably a better win than any of Dubois's wins, but I thought it was very close, Joyce certainly didn't beat Jennings as wide as Klitschko, and he didn't stop him like Rivas and Ortiz did, so I wasn't impressed. Joyce is more experienced not only because he's been 12 rounds and has the Jennings win but because of his amateur and WSB background, but I think Dubois is simply a level above him, has the potential to be a great fighter, and I see more progression from him despite being the much younger fighter.

I definitely think this will be the toughest fight of Dubois's career so far, but that isn't saying much. I think Joyce is stronger than Dubois, Dubois is only 22, Joyce fights roughly 20 lbs heavier than Dubois, and if he is stronger, it will be interesting to see how much Joyce can take advantage of that, Joyce has the high output as well, and he has an unorthodox style, so he is hard to prepare for. I think Dubois is much technically better than Joyce, I don't think Joyce's reach advantage will be a factor at all, and I think Dubois hits harder even with the size disadvantage,

I think Joyce will give Dubois problems by over powering him and attacking on the inside, but I think Joyce will smother his own work at times, he will start to slow down from his own pace after 4 rounds, and Dubois will be able to get his shots off, throw the 1, 2 before Joyce can get into range, and if Joyce walks double impact into the right hand, it could be lights out. I think when Joyce stops being able to use his size, and his output drops, it will be all Dubois, Dubois will be able to get his shots off more easily, land clean more often in the mid rounds, Joyce will take the full power of a high percentage of what Dubois throws, Dubois will go to the body as well, break Joyce down, and Joyce will have nothing left in the late rounds.

I think Dubois stops Joyce late.

MattDixon's picture

My prediction

This is an absolute banger of a fight and the perfect time for these two british prospects to collide and go to war

With dubois, I have been extremely impressed by his performances so far. Gorman was very hyped up and was a fan favourite pick to win the fight by many including me actually, but Dubois went in their and outclassed him in every realm. Power, speed, technique, footwork everything and gorman had no answer. May I just get a moment of silence for poor ebenezer Tetteh on the destruction of his soul writhing 2 minutes and then pushing the ref like he didnt want to be stopped. Then fujiomoto got destroyed in two rounds next up. A great fighter. However he is yet to be taken to deep waters and adversity of a high level.

For joyce despite how close his last fight was, I was impressed, he showed he could dive into deep waters with someone who's as tested as they come in Bryant jennings and prove he can swim. Especially considering he was very hurt early on by the body shots. Other than that hes proved to us that he had cardio for days and has a granite chin. The Jennings fight will be an experience that he will learn massively from a bit like when lopez had his learning fight before he fought and destroyed commey.

Breaking this down to boxing skill it favours dubois, he has shown cleaner technique and ability in his jab, footwork and how he sets up his combos. I think in the early rounds, dubois will come out explosive and try to outbox joyce and will be successful and potentially score a KD or 2 in rounds 3-6. However as the late mid/championship rounds come along, dubois will begin to tire and joyce will begin to take over and bully Dubois agaienst the ropes. Dubois will fade as time goes on.

I think joyce wins by late stoppage rounds 10/11

Guy Incognito's picture

There should be fireworks here. Both men have the ability to hurt each other, but Dubois is younger, fresher, faster and more skilled. Dubois should win by close decision, but I would not be too surprised if Joyce wins, or if the fight ends with a knockout.

MattDixon's picture

Wow, I go on this site as often as I used to as I cover a lot less boxing then what I used to, but I'm surprised to check this and see so many people picking Dubois and I'm the only one to pick joyce. I can see dubois winning, but I think joyce will pull it out