Daisuke Naito vs Koki Kameda

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Daisuke Naito vs Koki Kameda
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Sunday, November 29, 2009
Super Arena, Saitama, Saitama, Japan
Rounds Scheduled: 
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Titles at Stake: 
WBC Flyweight World Title (Naito's 6th defence)
Hector Afu

Official Judging
Daniel Van de Wiele 111 - 117
Hubert Minn 111 - 117
Max DeLuca 112 - 116


In an all-Japan war between Tokyo fighters, unbeaten Koki Kameda scored a major upset over Daisuke Naito to win the WBC Flyweight title. Naito opened with right hand leads, while Kameda countered with left hand leads, combination and body shots, bloodying Naito's nose in the second. Both fighters traded bombs in the third and fourth, with Naito also trying to work the jab more effectively. The fight appeared even at the end of four. In the fifth and sixth, Naito threw alot of hooks, but it was his right hand leads that scored best, and was immediately countered by Kameda's left hand leads. In the seventh and eighth, Kameda's jabs won the rounds on points while a difficult moving target, while Naito threw power shots to the head and body with some effectiveness. Naito continued to throw power punches in the ninth and tenth, with Kameda counter-punching with jab combinations. Naito threw a lot of punches with Kameda's back to the ropes in an attempt to 'close the show' and won the eleventh as Kameda faded, countering with the left where he could. Naito tried for the knockout in the twelfth, sensing he was behind, scoring a number of right hand leads to win the round as both fighters traded power shots. Kameda now 22-0, will defend his new title against former WBC champion Pongsaklek Wonjongkam of Thailand, now the interim WBC titleholder, in early 2010.


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