Cristofer Rosales vs Paddy Barnes

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Cristofer Rosales vs Paddy Barnes
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Saturday, August 18, 2018
Windsor Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
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WBC Flyweight World Title


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Very interesting one, looking forward to this fight.

At the moment, 112 isn't at it's most competitive, there have been upsets, Higa, Shiming losing, but it is still a good division with 4 world champions. Dalakian is good, boxed well against Viloria, defended once, Rosales stopped Higa, Mthalane just used his experience against a younger fighter, edged him out, and last year, Sho Kimura upsetting and stopping Zou Shiming. It would be interesting to see some unification fights soon.

If this was a more competitive division, you might question whether either of these guys can unify, because one is a fighter who just pulled out an upset, a fighter who has lost a few times, seemed limited at this level, and another fighter who is inexperienced in the pro game, and hasn't gotten off to the most dominant of starts to his career.

Rosales has experience on his side, 30 fights, Barnes has only had 6, and Rosales is only 23, Barnes is 31, he's already quite old for a flyweight, if he is ever going to be a world champion Barnes, this is his time to win a belt, but Rosales, 8 years younger, and with 5 times the fights, that's a good combination, to have both age and experience on your side.

Rosales lost an early fight, only 4 rounds, doesn't really mean anything now, he then lost to Kal Yafai, came to Sheffield in 2015, lost an 8 round UD, by 3 points, he was in the fight, but he was defeated quite comfortably. Rosales between his losses, has done great at Nicuagrian, Fedecentro and Latino level, but when he came back to the UK to fight Andrew Selby in 2017, he was beaten by a very wide UD, so he seemed like a fighter who wasn't really world level, he dropped Selby, but won 1-2 rounds. Rosales is very young, which makes you wonder if he has more potential than the Selby loss suggests, maybe that was experience he needed, he has done very well outside of his losses, in title fights, just a step down from world class fights, but he upset Higa, who was talked about as a boxing talent, a puncher, a dangerous fighter, he missed the weight, Higa, but still, Rosales beat him, and stopped him as well, that's a very significant win, he proved he is a world class fighter, Rosales, and he is a world champion now, so we'll see how good he is when he defends his title.

Paddy Barnes will be hyped up by Frank Warren, he is good, he was a great amateur, two time Olympian, won a Bronze medal in 2012, but amateur boxing isn't professional boxing, there have been many great amateurs who haven't made great pros, Frankie Gavin, Tom Stalker, Audley Harrison, Anthony Ogogo. Barnes is 31, he has started late, small fighters can't waste time. He's 6-0, Barnes, he's made a start, had a bit of a chance to adapt to the pro game, but he lacks experience, 6 is not many, most were low level fight, his third fight, which he won, fair play, was an MD, against an opponent who's record was 16-11, maybe that was him learning on the job, his last performance was good, he knocked out in his opponent for an Inter-Continental title, but I'm not sure he is good enough at world level, his last opponent, a step up, but not world level I don't think, but to be fair, he did lose onlh a split decision to Rosales, did well against Felix Alvarado, but he has also lost to much weaker opposition. How much you read into Barnes's last win depends on what form you think Quezada was on when Barnes knocked him out, Rosales did beat him by 4, 6 points, behind by 2 on the other card, so that should be taken into consideration when breaking down this fight.

I think Rosales and Barnes are both improving, but the time pressure is on Barnes, if Barnes loses this, will he ever be a world champion? I doubt it.

It is tough to predict this fight, you can see Barnes's amateur pedigree, possible quick adaptation to the pro game, and maybe talent, skill, just being too much for a still questionable Rosales, but you can also question whether Barnes's last victory is anywhere near enough preparation, question how long before age catches up with him, question how good he is, what he can potentially achieve as a pro.

Barnes hasn't fought in 9 months, not a long layoff, but for a 6-0 fighter, that is not good, because a fighter who is more adapted and used to fighting, an experienced pro, can handle ring rust better, it comes back to them better, than an experienced fighter taking a break between fights, and Rosales beat Higa just 4 months earlier than this.

I think because of timing, power, experience, I think Rosales will win this, I think Barnes will fight tooth and nail, try his best, but it will be a brutal fight he comes off worse in, and I think Rosales wins a UD, in a classic fight, a war. I think Barnes will win rounds, make it a great fight, test Rosales, push him hard, and try his best, have nothing to be ashamed of, but I think he will lose, and if he does lose, I don't think he will ever be a world champion, but I could be wrong, and if so, then what an achievement for Barnes, but I don't see him winning a world title.