Chad Dawson vs Quinton Rankin

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Chad Dawson vs Quinton Rankin
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Saturday, June 29, 2019
Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Contracted Weight: 
Light Heavyweight
Mike Ortega

Official Judging
Steve Weisfeld 78 - 74
John Basile 78 - 74
Peter Hary 80 - 68


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Dawson should win this easily, Rankin has had one 10 round fight, and all the rest of his fights were 8 rounds or less, he has 3 losses, and 2 of them, against fighters who lost to Dashon Johnson and Alexander Brand. To be fair to Rankin, he has fought a few unbeaten prospects, drew against 2 of them, he has 52% KOs with 7 blemishes, so he can punch a bit, but this is about levels, and Dawson should win this.

Dawson should retire, he should win this, but when he steps up, fights tougher opponents, it's a different story, 99% certain he can't beat any of the champions now, he has had a good career, beat Hopkins, but he should retire, because he is coming off 2 years out, got stopped in his last fight, he was ahead, but Andrzej Fonfara pulled out the stoppage on the last round, he is 36 now, Dawson, he has been stopped 3 times, lost half of his last 8 fights, I think he should have retired after the Ward loss, he got dominated and stopped, weight drained, that's a bad loss.

Rankin might be able to make it fairly competitive because Dawson is probably shot, but I think Dawson wins a UD.