Carl Frampton vs Luke Jackson

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Carl Frampton vs Luke Jackson
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Saturday, August 18, 2018
Windsor Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
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Interim WBO Featherweight Title


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Good activity for Carl Frampton, that's 3 decent fights in the space of a year. Frampton wasn't at his best when he fought Horacio Garcia, when he came back from his layoff after his only career loss, I questioned what he had left, whether it might be time to retire, I didn't even agree he deserved the decision, I questioned his mentality, his resilience, his ability. Frampton was much, much better against Nonito Donaire, he was like a completely different fighter, boxed very well, won by a unanimous margin of 117-111. Based on how well Frampton boxed against Donaire (who may be past prime, but was in shape, tried his best as well), I would say Frampton is right back in the mix, I don't think he is quite as good as he was in 2016, but I don't think he is much poorer, he still has a bit in the tank, and should be fighting for a world title, before too long.

I think to say Luke Jackson is an undefeated former Olympian makes him seem better than he is, they are facts, but I think because he lost in the first leg and lost one sided, he hasn't boxed at a high level, seemed too well occupied at the level he has fought at, he might not be as good as those two facts suggest, for example, an SD win over Will Young (4-3), doesn't mean he isn't a good fighter, Jackson, because a win is a win, and that was 3 years ago now. Jackson, for this fight, I think should fight the fight of his life, it is a massive opportunity, his ultimate chance to maybe prove that but really find out if he is world class, which I think he probably isn't.

Frampton is a massive favourite, for start, he is the more experienced, has had 10 fights more than Jackson, has had 6 world title fights while Jackson hasn't had any or fought any former world champions, he has 4 years more experience as a professional.
Frampton is a couple of years younger than Jackson.
The level of opposition of Frampton, and the level of opposition of Jackson, over the past few years, most of their careers really, don't compare, and overall, I think Frampton has been more dominant, less occupied at the much higher level he has been competing at, than Jackson has at the lower level he has been competing at.
I think even though Jackson is an Olympian and Frampton isn't, I don't think he had a better amateur career than Frampton overall, Frampton was in various amateur tournaments, including competitions in Romania and Estonia.

Jackson does have a size advantage, he is a good inch taller than Frampton, he has half a foot of reach on him, that is a big advantage, and he has competed at 130, even 135 in his career, he seems to be basically a two weight fighter Jackson, fighting at 126, 130, 126, 130. Frampton, before he fought Leo Santa Cruz, was a world champion at 122, so he isn't a big featherweight, but he is more than adapted to the weight, having fought at 126 4 times in receht years, and he did fight at 126 a few times early in his career. Frampton is an adapted, experienced featherweight, but Jackson is a very big featherweight.

The only other thing you can really say for Jackson is that he is undefeated and Frampton isn't, apart from that and the size aspect, I think everything is on Frampton's side in this fight, but an unbeaten fighter with a size advantage will always be confident he can win, will be mentally strong going into the fight.

I think the fight will start tentatively, Jackson will struggle to get started, and Frampton will be patient, pot shot Jackson in the first couple of rounds, Frampton might be delayed, made to need to concentrate because of Jackson's reach, but his awareness, ability to land the jab, get inside the reach of his opponent will be enough for him to have the first success of the fight. As Jackson takes more chances in rounds 3 and 4, Frampton will make walk into clean punches. I think Jackson will continue to try his best in rounds 5 and 6, but he will be struggling for pace, way out of his depth, and whenever he tries to take a rest, even for a second or 2, Frampton will put it on him, attack him with a flurry, mix it up from body to head. I think Frampton will start to inflict a beating on Jackson in round 6, gradually break away at the target, and really take a toll. I think Jackson will be spent, close to done after 6 rounds, will be out of ideas, his corner will give him a chance, let him go out on his shield, but in round 7, Frampton will pick it back up and stop him.

If Frampton wins this fight, then a world title shot should definitely be next, there is nobody who is ahead of him in the line, he has already done enough to earn another shot with the Donaire victory, and that isn't being generous at all because he was the champion against Santa Cruz, lost to a guy he had previously beaten and agreed to give a rematch to. This is a WBO interim fight, so I would imagine Valdez might be mandated to fight Frampton if he beats Jackson, Valdez vs Frampton would be a brilliant fight, very interesting match up, and a great fight as well, I definitely think it should happen, and I think it will happen. I think if the WBO give Frampton the shot, he will take it and focus on Valdez, but further into the future, there are other big fights at 126 for Frampton, Warrington, Russell, but I think the Santa Cruz trilogy is a fight they both really want, it would be great to see a third fight at some stage in the future, especially if they both have a belt, which would add a unification aspect, and make the third fight bigger and more meaningful than the first two.