Carl Frampton vs Andres Gutierrez

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Carl Frampton vs Andres Gutierrez
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Saturday, July 29, 2017
SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland
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WBC Featherweight World Title Eliminator


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This is a decent match up, should be fascinating to watch.

Carl Frampton is a fantastic fighter, there is no doubt about that, he was once tabbed by Irish boxing legend Barry McGuigan to do great things in the sport of boxing, and McGuigan was proven right when Carl became world champion, before going on to headline a massive event in February 2016, against fellow undefeated super bantamweight, bitter rival Scott Quigg, winning that fight, and then moving up a division to defeat the then undefeated Mexican/American world featherweight champion, in July, winning a majority decision in a very close, action packed fight. With these two fantastic victories, Frampton had shown himself to be a great fighter, many believed, at that point, the number one ranked boxer in the UK. Frampton proved to be a true champion in acknowledging that the fight was close, and he agreed to a rematch against Santa Cruz, Frampton went in as the favourite, but Santa Cruz was fantastic throughout, having made adjustments, and built on his first performance, in another fantastic, fan friendly fight, Cruz fought his way to an MD victory, to claim the belts, and make it 1-1. Frampton might have lost a fight, but he's still a great fighter, one of the best in the UK, and well, if Frampton's career is damaged by the one defeat, then you may as well say any boxer who loses a fight is screwed. Carl Frampton, understandably, wants the third fight against Leo Santa Cruz