Callum Smith vs Anthony Dirrell

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Callum Smith vs Anthony Dirrell
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Saturday, September 9, 2017
Los Angeles, California, USA
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WBC Super Middleweight World Title


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I think this fight is slightly overdue, I think it is a fantastic match up.

Anthony Dirrell is a very good fighter, a big puncher, and a definite world level fighter, with his win over Sakio Bika, becoming the WBC champion, he impressed everybody, since then, with the defeat to Badou Jack, an underrated fighter who was under the advice of the greatest fighter has ever lived, it has been difficult for Dirrell, but he has gotten some victories under his belt since, widely out pointing Marco Antonio Rubio, stopping Caleb Turax early, he is on a winning streak, and I'm sure he wants to become a world champion again more than anything.

Callum Smith is very popular in the UK, as are his brothers Paul, Stephen, and Liam, and he is well known here, for having a massive amount of talent, being the best as well as the youngest out the Smith brothers, everyone believes in him as a great fighter who will make it to the top, and has very high expectations of him, but there are still a lot of questions to be answered.

I find this fight very fascinating, Dirrell will have confidence from the fact that he has been in there with the better opposition, Bika, Jack, these are world level operators, almost surely better than any of Smith's previous opponents, and in terms of resumé, it is clear who has the upper hand. For Dirrell, I think he'll aim to take advantage of Smith's seeming lack of defence.

For Callum Smith, he will know what Dirrell does not handle so well, and what to capitalise upon, I believe Dirrell has a style that will suit Smith, I think Smith won't rely on Dirrell's mentality being affected by the Jack defeat, I think he'll expect Dirrell to be the best he has ever been, and be ready. I think Anthony Dirrell struggles on the back foot, in the ring centre, he's great at stepping in with his shots and sitting down on his punches, he is good at using his feet to just turn to avoid his opponent's responce, and he is good at putting combinations together, but when an opponent is able to negate his offensive ability, and push him back, I think he struggles, I saw this with Jack in the second half of their fight, he wasn't able to punch his way off the ropes successfully very often, and I believe Smith will think if he can over power Dirrell, as a very big, strong super middleweight, he can get the better of him, and I think he can.

I think Callum Smith will win this fight, and I think he will get the stoppage. Callum Smith is such an interesting fighter, such an unpredictable fighter, I remember when he fought an Argentine called Cesar Hernan Reynose on the undercard of Makabu vs Bellew at Goodison Park, everyone expected Smith to blast him out of their early, but Smith ended up taking some shots, maybe getting slightly frustrated, but adapting, boxing very well, making the best of the rounds, the experience he was getting, and in round 6, got the stoppage, it was a similar situation with his latest victory, against th also unpredictable Luke Blackledge, on the other hand Hadillah Mohoumadi, Rocky Fielding were opponents, who were expected to give Smith tough fights, he was the favourite, but not expected to come through them easily, especially not Fielding, but when he fought them, he blasted them both out of there in one round, against Fielding, what a performance, the power, the use of the power, the technique, tne way he set up each knock down, it was phenomenal.

It is so unpredictable, will this be a long fight?, will Dirrell be cautious?, will Smith take a surprisingly cautious approach?, just what is Smith's game plan?, it is so hard to predict, Smith and Dirrell could meet centre ring and have a dogfight, two guys who know they can take shots, can punch too, is could happen, but I think it will take 3 or 4 rounds, I think the first 30% of the fight will be tentative, but I think around about round 4, the fight will catch fire, I believe Dirrell might take a slight lead early, and won't just vanish from the fight after 3-4 rounds, he'll be there, I think he can hurt Smith, he can do what he does very, very well, but I think it will go more and more in Smith's favour as th fight goes on, I don't believe Dirrell can hurt Smith as badly, or for as long as Smith can hurt Dirrell, and in the end, that will be the biggest reason why Smith stops Dirrell, I'm going to say round 8, I think the scorecards will be close, maybe 66-67, 67-66, 67-66. I think Dirrell will show all the critics that there is nothing wrong with his heart, his courage, and that he deserves a massive amount of respect as a warrior.

I believe Smith is the better of the two, has the bigger and better boxing future ahead of him, and will win, but this is a much bigger step up in class for Smith than it is for Dirrell, has he bitten off more than he can chew?, it's possible, is Dirrell a threat?, definitely. If Dirrell was to win this fight, it would be a massive, massive victory, he has a lot to gain here, he will really believe he can domiate this fight, and if he wins, all the negative talk about him and his brother, those people would eat their words, it would be fantastic for the Dirrell family, and be the making Anthony's reputation. If Smith is to win this fight as I'm 70% sure he will, it would be great for British boxing, he is very humble, very good for the sport, coming from such a proud, popular, respected boxing family, and being believed to be ine of the best boxers in the UK, being so popular, it would be great if he won the belt, he would be the second of the Smiths to win a world title, but if if he wins this fight, he will be the first to beat a former world champion, and if he becomes top dig in the division, unifies, then he will do the only thing his brothers haven't been able to do, his brothers believe he can do it, most of us think he is the best of the four of them, but for now, I'm sure his focus on his upcoming fight against Anthony Dirrell.