Caleb Plant vs Rogelio Medina

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Caleb Plant vs Rogelio Medina
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Saturday, February 17, 2018
The Don Haskins Center, El Paso, Texas, USA
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This should be an interesting fight, an untested, unbeaten young fighter, stepping up a level to take on an experienced fighter, a warrior, who has lost fights, but only to really good fighters.

Caleb Plant is unbeaten, he hasn't fought any good opponents at a high level, so there is no evidence he is on the level of the top fighters at 168, although, as with all unbeaten fighters, there is no evidence he is not able to to hold his own against the likes of Smith, Groves, Ramirez, and this is the point when he steps up in competition, aims to get a win against a fairly big name, make a statement, which is good, it is unpredictable, some unbeaten fighters step up in class, are found out not to be as good as their record suggests, others thrive when challenged, impress big time, in 2017, unbeaten Rob Brant, who was unbeaten, but had fought nobody, was schooled, out classed by a 37 year old Jurgen Braehmer, Gervonta Davis, was unbeaten, had fought nobody, but destroyed undefeated world champion Jose Pedraza.

Porky Medina is tough as nails, he has a phenomenal engine, he isn't a great defensive fighter, I don't think he deals well with fighters that move well, but he can punch, he is great at keeping the pressure on, really punishing an opponent when he has them where he wants them, he showed us that when he fought James Degale for the IBF world title in 2016, in Washington DC, he lost by a wide decision, but did great. Medina has been stopped by Badou Jack, David Benevidez, he took a terrible beating against Benevidez, so he isn't a fresh fighter. Medina also has his fair share of wins, he knocked out them unbeaten J'Leon Love in 3 rounds. Medina is 29, so he might have a good few fights left, it will be more interesting if he can box well against an untested, inexperienced fighter.

I think Caleb Plant wins this, I don't think he'll stop Medina, but I think he'll win at least 97-93, probably wider.